Health Enthusiast and Former Caregiver, Now a Successful Young Filipina Entrepreneur of Multi-Million Dollar Companies


A proud Filipina is making her name in the United States as a successful entrepreneur with an inspiring story to tell. Miss Maye Felices-McDonald success story will remind us how important it is to have a dream and to work hard to achieve it.

Photo by Maye Felices-McDonald

Born in Libmanan Camarines Sur, Miss Maye has always been ambitious, determined, and driven to succeed. The daughter of Mario and Francia Felices, she worked her way up to achieve her dreams and goals in life. From a young girl selling candies and paper dolls in her school, Miss Maye became the owner and chief executive officer (CEO) of GETMEFIT Slimming Products, Mama’s Angels Senior Care, and other business ventures worth a multi-million dollar sum in the United State.

Because of her hard work and determination to succeed, Miss Maye’s business ventures are among the best in the industry as she reaped awards and recognition. She earned the title of “Modern CEO in 2022. Her products are also recognized as the 2022 “The Best Slimming Product in the USA” Award by AA International Award.

Photo by Maye Felices-McDonald

Furthermore, she was recognized by Gawad Amerika Awards with 3 prestigious awards:

    • 2022 Most Influential Young CEO for Business and Entrepreneurship.
    • Getmefit USA – The most Oustanding Trusted Health Slimming Fitness Company of the Year.
    • Mama’s Angels Care Senior Home Care Services – The Most Outstanding Premium Senior Care Service Company of the Year.
  • 2022 Philippines Awards: 
    • Gawad Parangal Award- “MULTI-AWARDED YOUNG BUSINESS OWNER WITH OUTSTANDING SERVICE OF THE YEAR” to be awarded on November 27, 2022, in Quezon City.
    • Gantimpalang Pilipino – “MULTI-AWARDED YOUNG BUSINESS OWNER WITH OUTSTANDING SERVICE OF THE YEAR” to be awarded on December 10,2 022 in Novotel Cubao.


Image by Miss Maye Felices-McDonald

But before she found herself on the pedestal of success, Miss Maye’s journey was not a walk in the park. Her grit, perseverance, and vision kept her going until she found her way up. Even at a young age, Miss Maye already had an entrepreneurial mindset. From taking care of her mother’s sari-sari store to being a student assistant at her school, Bicol Central Academy, Miss Maye learned how to handle money and finances well.

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Ladderized Nursing degree from Naga College Foundation in the Philippines. She also finished midwifery and earned certificates for nursing aid and TESDA Caregiver. According to Miss Maye, throughout her journey, she’s always been driven by her 5Ps: Passion, Persistency, Perseverance, Positive Mindset, and the Power of Resilience. Despite her achievements, Miss Maye had a much bigger dream in mind, and she found it in the land of the free, the United States.

Image by Miss Maye Felices-McDonald

“Never limit yourself. We can go as much as we want to. What the mind perceives, if you believe, you can achieve,” she recalled.

There were hard times when Miss Maye first started working as a caregiver in the US. She had to live in her car for 8 months while working as a part-time caregiver in 2017. Her hard work paid off when she was able to build her own caregiving company, Mama’s Angels Care. With her company, she’s able to supply the demand for caregivers in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. Even more, she helped provide jobs to her fellow Filipinos. From 3 caregivers, they now have 49 caregivers to date.

Image by Miss Maye Felices-McDonald

Soon, her businesses grew so fast and became a well-known brand in the US. She even had the opportunity to represent her popular brand in the prestigious New York Fashion Week last September 10, 2022. While she walked down the runway, Miss Maye highlighted her advocacy of bringing together health, wellness, fitness, and fashion. Through this, she wants to contribute to the efforts of her younger ambassadors in promoting mental health awareness to the youth.

Image by Edwiedge Casi
Image by Edwiedge Casi
Image by Edwiedge Casi

Even more, Miss Maye had her brand’s huge billboard displayed on the iconic New York Time Square. It featured her brand health advocate Ms Geneva Cruz.

Image by Miss Maye Felices-McDonald

Her success was not achieved overnight, but anything is possible if you desire to face your fears. Miss Maye’s message to aspiring entrepreneurs goes, “Be loud, bold, and fearless! Because the bigger the challenge, the bigger opportunities it is to grow. It’s time to be comfortable being uncomfortable because success is not easy, and there’s no overnight success.”

Image by Miss Maye Felices-McDonald
Image by Edwiedge Casi

“You will face challenges every day and all the way, so be in mind that where your focus goes, your energy goes,” Miss Maye reminded. Miss Maye’s success truly serves as an inspiration for how far our goals can take us if we have faith in our abilities and learn to put our passions into action.

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