Google reveals Chicago area’s top searches in 2022


CHICAGO — Chicagoans have been busy on the Internet this past year and Google Trends annual “Year in Search” report reveals what people searched in 2022.

Google researchers compiled data from throughout the year to determine the most popular questions people asked and what’s trending in searches around the world.

Here are some highlights of the top trending searches for the Chicago area in 2022, according to Google.

Chicago is the only place in the entire country that searched for “house music” more than “classical.”

Chicago’s top trending animal is a “pallas cat.”

Chicago is one of three places that had “happy hour” as a top trending “near me” search.

The top trending recipe search in the Chicago area is “quick pancake.”

Rap” was searched more than any other music genre in the Chicago area.

Below are the Top 10 trending “near me” searches for the Chicago area.

  • 1. Orthodontist near me
  • 2. Easter egg hunt near me
  • 3. Gas prices near me
  • 4. Payday loans near me
  • 5. Pilates near me
  • 6. Cheap gas near me
  • 7. Remote jobs near me
  • 8. Happy hour near me
  • 9. Staffing agencies near me
  • 10. Events near me

You can view more search trends here.

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