‘Gone in less than 5 seconds’: Crestwood police warn of reoccurring thefts at gas pumps


CRESTWOOD, Ill. — Thieves have been targeting people at gas stations in south suburban Crestwood in recent weeks, according to police.

Surveillance video released by authorities shows one crime in action. The victim pumps gas when the suspects pull up, police say, usually in a stolen car. 

One gets out, opens the victim’s unlocked passenger door and grabs a purse, cell phone, or other valuable items. The suspects then take off in the stolen vehicle before anyone realizes what happened.  

Police say the thefts occur in less than five seconds.

Crestwood authorities used the incident to remind locals to turn off their vehicles and lock their cars when refueling. Police also ask that gas pumpers remain vigilant.

An investigation into the incidents is ongoing.

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