‘Going Through The Emotions’ of a Bears’ loss to Washington


CHICAGO – It’s fair to say that what happened over the course of three hours on Thursday night at Soldier Field is probably as painful as it’s gotten for Bears fans so far in 2022.

There are a few reasons to say that, starting with how close the offense came to breaking the game open against the Commanders at Soldier Field. Three trips to the red zone provided an opportunity for points, but the Bears didn’t get a single one.

Then there was quarterback Justin Fields, who was noticeably in pain a few times during the game after taking 12 hits from Washington defenders, including five sacks.

For a second time in three games, a fumbled punt would put the Bears in an unfavorable position late in the fourth quarter.

All of that culminated in the finish, where the Bears couldn’t gain just a few yards to salvage a victory in the closing seconds. That ruined an impressive effort by the defense, which allowed only 214 yards the entire game.

The 12-7 defeat is a tough one for the Bears and fans to accept, making for a painful “Going Through The Emotions” on “The 9-Yard Line” on WGN News Now. We took a look at the moments that made fans smile, frown or say “OMG” over the course of 60 minutes of football.

You can watch that segment on the show with Larry Hawley in the video above.

If you would like to watch the entire “The 9-Yard Line” show from WGN News Now, click here.

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