Get ready for temps in the 70s!


Afternoon highs in the middle 70s this weekend

At high levels the primary jet stream roars into the western U.S., weakens as it buckles over the central portion of the country and strengthens over eastern Canada. Aloft over Chicago winds are light westerly in a diverging pattern, while at the surface we are positioned in the eastern portion of warm air surging into the southern and central plains – afternoon highs in the middle 70s each day.

4 consecutive 70s in late October – how often does it occur?

Starting Friday, we’re forecasting 70-degrees or higher for 4 consecutive days – what are the odds on this occurring this last third of October?
If it verifies, it turns out this would be a fairly rare event – a look at the 151 years of Chicago weather records reveals at least 4 consecutive 70-degree days between October 21-31 has happened only 9 times or just 6% of all years – the last time was in 1989 (when we actually had 8 consecutive 70+ days).

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