Get Comfy in Oversized Shirts as Designer’s Compete for the Spotlight


Oversized shirts are making a huge comeback (no pun intended). Welcome news for anybody who yearns for something a bit comfier and edgier than the fitted numbers of yesteryear. These shirts don’t need to make you look like a slouch, as evidenced by the stylish numbers below:

Kerri Rosenthal Mia Printed Cotton Shirt

Combine class with comfort in an oversized button-up shirt that evokes office casual vibes but can also be worn for errands or lazy days at home. The contrasting small collar and oversized cuffs make this a statement look. Highlights include vertical stripes and a bright yellow heart patch.

Balenciaga Wrap Shirts

Balenciaga shares a “new twist” on the wrap shirt. If you love the concept of the wrapped dress but dream of a looser, more casual cool version, you’re in luck: Balenciaga boasts a wrap with an asymmetric design and extra-long sleeves. This unisex poplin number is perfect when you crave an edgier take on the menswear aesthetic. Balenciaga is in a price league if it’s on with prices beginning at $1500.

Click any of the links to shop my look. Although these shirts are oversized they’re not your husband’s shirts which tend to have a messy look on us. These shirts have a great look while being super fashionable.

We always share a last look on a shirt we’re craving! This is a must-have for me.


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