From ‘Estante’ To Warehouse: Couple Finds Success In Household Cleaning Products Business


A couple shared their inspiring story of building a successful household, cleaning, and car care products. When it comes to business, having grit and determination are part of the tips to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Image by Arjayssa Tejada

Arjayssa and Mark Andro Tejada, husband and wife, were among those who wished to own a successful business. In 2016, Arjayssa started reselling household cleaning products. Starting from scratch, she had a small ‘estante’ or cabinet in their rented house for her products, while her husband worked as a call center agent. Fortunately, Arjayssa’s products became a big hit online! It was the beginning of their journey, and soon, she started having many resellers and wholesalers.

In 2017, they opened their first store, a big step toward the fulfilment of their dream. Andro resigned from his job, so they focused on their business. But it was no easy task; they were a team delivering and repacking orders.

Image by Arjayssa Tejada

Arjayssa shared, “Kaming mag-asawa lang talaga sa simula noon. Siya nagdedeliver gamit yung Sedan namin. Tapos ako taga bantay ng tindahan. Kaming dalawa mismo ang nagrerepack ng mga binebenta namin.”

Luck was on their side as the couple saw how their business grew and expanded. They hired people to help them and upgraded their Sedan to a pick-up truck for deliveries. It was in 2019 when they finally decided to rent a warehouse. It was a huge risk because of the rent and other expenses, but they were confident that they can do it. That’s determination!

Arjayssa shared, “Noong una di namin maisip pano namin makayanan ang mga renta gawa ng sabay sabay ang mga bayarin. Pero dahil alam naming kumikita kami sa negosyo at may tiwala kami sa aming kakayahan, talagang pinagpagtuloy namin to.”

Their company was one of the fortunate ones that thrived during the pandemic. From resellers and wholesalers, they started catering to big businesses like laundry shops, restaurants, fitness gyms, factories, janitorial services, and more. Now, they serve over 80 institutions with orders weekly or monthly!

Image by Arjayssa Tejada

The couple admitted that they were those who took advantage of them and scammed them. But what they lost, they made up for by earning more. Looking back, the Arjayssa sometimes couldn’t believe their success.

“From stante ng bahay to warehouse.. Di kapani-paniwala pero kung magiging masipag at masinop sa pera talagang makakayanan. Hindi naging madali sa amin ang lahat gawa ng ilang beses na din kami naloko,” she shared.

In the end, she wants to inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs to learn the business first and to learn to say no so they won’t be scammed or taken advantage of. Have faith in God and work hard.

She advised, “Trust in God and trust in yourself na makakayanan mong umangat, maliit man o malaki ang naipuhunan mo.”

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