Friday marks 15th anniversary of Stacy Peterson disappearance


BOLINGBROOK, Ill. — Friday marks 15 years since the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, the fourth wife of former Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson.

The case of the missing mother of two captivated the country as more details were revealed about Drew Peterson. He remains behind bars today not for her disappearance, but the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

Stacy was 23-years-old when she disappeared from her Bolingbrook home in 2007. Despite search efforts, she has never been found.

Her husband — Drew Peterson — was the main suspect in the case. Eventually — Stacy’s story led police to question the death of Drew Peterson’s third wife Savio. And despite his repeated media appearances — he ended up behind bars for Savio’s murder.

Stacy was remembered Thursday night at an event in Aurora. Her sister-in-law spoke of her organization’s efforts to raise awareness about domestic abuse, called “Document The Abuse.”

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