Fresh from the farm! Tom & Penny’s weekend getaway


Good Monday all! Hope you had a great weekend!

Sweet corn and tomatoes fresh from the farm.

It doesn’t get better than that in summer!

I got into the car with beautiful little Penny, our adorable little dog, and the two of us headed out to Rietveld’s Farmstand in Bourbonnais Sunday.

Such nice folks there and so wonderful to get out of the city and gaze out over the fields of corn as far as the eye can see.

I love getting out into farm country. Our farmers and their families work so hard and are such important contributors to our country’s greatness! They feed us and so many across this planet.

I don’t think I had a more delicious ear of corn than I did last evening! And the tomatoes! Mmmmm!

It’s such a riot watching little Penny with her head out the window and that little face taking in the summer air as we drive.

I wonder what goes through that little mind as she looks out at the traffic with the breeze blowing into that adorable little face as we travel!

I get such a kick out of watching her taking it all in.

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