Former ‘Kariton’ Vendor Becomes A Millionaire, Thanks To Bestselling Pares-Mami


Is it possible to turn your life around and become a millionaire? A former ‘kariton’ proves that it can be done! Rodel Anisor, the CEO ng Pares Point the Orginal in Makati, shared his humble beginnings and how his business turned his life around.

Image by Pera Paraan via Facebook

Not so long ago, Rodel would sweep the streets, pushing his ‘kariton’ to sell his mami and lugaw. He soon realized that people liked the pares they added to the mami so much that they would buy the beef meat alone instead of the mami. They would add it to their lugaw or pair it with rice.

“Tapos yung lugaw nilagyan ng beef mami na may sabaw. Yung mga taong kumakain ng mami, gusto nila yung laman ng mami,” Rodel shared in a report by GMA.

“Kaya sa halip na mami yung nabibili, ang ginagawa binibili yung laman tapos yung sabaw. Tapos naghahanap sila ng kanin,” he added.

Image by Pera Paraan via Facebook

Rodel took this opportunity and would sell over 4 kilos of pares in a day in their ‘kariton.’ Despite their success, being an illegal vendor proved tricky for Rodel. He recalled how their ‘karitons’ would be broken as they tried to flee from authorities.

“Nakikita ko yung mga sinasamahan kong tindero talagang nag-iiyakan. Tapos kailangan mong buuin uli para bukas may tinda kundi bukas wala kang kakainin,” Rodel said.

But this challenge didn’t dampen their spirits. Instead, it fueled him to do better. Rodel decided he needed to get a more permanent location for their business. He recalled telling his mother that he wanted a more stable livelihood for them.

“Kaya ginawa namin, umupa na kami. Naghanap ako ng bakanteng lote. Sabi ko sa nanay ko na ayoko na ng ganito. Gusto ko na ng mas stable na hanapbuhay,” he said.

The successful entrepreneur shared that he started with P800 capital in his ‘kariton’ mami-pares business. With hard work and their bestselling pares, Rodel has come a long way.

With his mami-pares restaurant in Makati, Rodel sells over 150 kilos of beef and 5 sacks of rice daily. No wonder he’s earning millions!

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