Former CPS teacher sentenced to 50 years for molesting teen boy in Indiana hotel


INDIANAPOLIS — A former Chicago Public Schools elementary school teacher has been sentenced to fifty years in prison after molesting a boy in a central Indiana hotel.

Pedro Ibarra, 48, was arrested last summer after being charged with child exploitation, child solicitation, promotion of human trafficking, criminal confinement, in addition to possession of child pornography and child molestation.

Documents revealed that Ibarra met a juvenile in an online chatroom called “Omegle.”

Ibarra picked up the boy in Hancock County, who was under 13, and traveled to hotel. Documents said Ibarra told the victim he did so because he “thought he was cute, and the second reason was because he was a pedophile.”

At the hotel, Ibarra engaged in sexual contact with the boy and recorded it on his phone. During the investigation, an examiner discovered multiple recordings of Ibarra engaged in sexually explicit conduct with another boy.

The child was later identified as a boy who lived in Illinois and was younger than fifteen years old.

Ibarra was a CPS elementary school teacher for three years and was terminated after his arrest.

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