Food Truck Business Impresses with Customized and Creative Products


A food truck business impresses with their customized and creative products, offering ‘handaan’ favorites like ‘pancit’ and pasta designed like a cake!

food truck business
Photo credit: FoodScape Food Truck

Food Truck Business and Creative Catering

FoodScape Food Truck was launched in 2019, considered a bad year for many businesses because a lot had to close their doors due to the pandemic.

Yet those who learned how to adapt survived and were able to expand their clientele by selling online.

food truck business
Photo credit: FoodScape Food Truck

That’s exactly what FoodScape Food Truck owners did – they shifted to online selling. Although it can be difficult to sell food online, they managed to do it and actually find customers to serve despite the pandemic.

What made their business unique is that unlike other restaurants or food providers, they didn’t need to hire delivery riders or partner with third-party delivery companies to bring the food to their customers. As a food truck business, they were able to do it themselves.

food truck business
Photo credit: FoodScape Food Truck

Like many other restaurants, they also offered food packages or food trays. But what made them special is that they also sold pasta or noodle cakes.

Just like regular cakes, these pasta or noodle cakes can be customized with greetings and stuff; although these aren’t written in icing.

What’s great about FoodScape Food Truck is these customized creations actually look so elegant and creative.

Photo credit: FoodScape Food Truck

Perhaps it’s the novelty of getting this kind of cake that drew customers to FoodScape Food Truck. I know that I’d be excited to try their pancit and lumpia cake, two of the top ‘handaan’ favorites.

They also got lucky when they got featured on Go Negosyo’s KWENTONG NEGOSYANTE. It helped widen their clientele, owner April Amon shared.

It’s good that they managed to quickly adapt to the challenges of the pandemic to improve and expand their business.

Photo credit: FoodScape Food Truck
Photo credit: FoodScape Food Truck

Why Be Unique in Business?

Have you noticed that there are so many coffee shops or food businesses, yet there are those that stand out from the rest and get more customers?

These days, a lot of people are on social media – and going to a unique restaurant serving food that others don’t is really good for social media clout.

You can use that to your advantage.

While taste and price are very important in food business, being unique is also a fantastic idea. By being unique, but still meeting all the other criteria, you can attract more clients who might be curious about what you’re offering.

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