Faux Fur Deception: Plush Bags Take Over


You’ll feel downright sneaky as you hit the town with the latest faux fur purses slung 
over your shoulder. Many of these are shockingly realistic so there’s no longer any need to invest in fur products from a fashion perspective.

Alexander Wang Small Scrunchie Faux Fur Top Handle Bag

It may be constructed entirely from polyester, but this cute little bag still passes for fur at first glance. Wonderfully plush, its top is inspired by the iconic scrunchie shape.

Versace Virtus Faux Leather Bag

This bold bag definitely won’t work for everyone, but it’ll definitely bring attention your way if you are willing to take a risk. The iconic V is impossible to miss, even though it’s surrounded by luscious faux fur in a standout shade of orchid.

Marc Jacobs Teddy Micro Totes

Marc Jacobs enthusiasts always go wild for the Teddy Micro Tote. This plush version is no exception. Its faux shearling is incredibly cozy, but its assorted handles lend it an air of practicality. Loving the yellow tote, too!

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