Family, CPD community want clemency denied for man accused of killing officer in 2001


CHICAGO — He was convicted of killing a Chicago police officer in 2001 and was never supposed to be let out of prison under the original sentence.

But after an Illinois Supreme Court ruling that’s changed and now Hector Delgado is asking for clemency.

The family of Brian Strouse is working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen – and they are getting a lot of help.

It was 2 a.m on of June 30 and Chicago police were conducting gang surveillance when Hector Delgado, 16, crossed paths with Officer Brian Strouse.  Strouse as a plain-clothes tactical officer.

Delgado fired his gun at officers. Strouse was wearing a bullet proof vest. He yelled “Police!” and demanded Delgado drop his gun.

Instead Delgado fired off five more shots. One hitting Strouse in the vest. The other in his face.

Friends and family say Strouse serious about his work but never shy about cracking a joke. He was a Marine, a Desert Storm veteran, a 6-year veteran of the police force, brother to three sisters and son to Ann Marie and Paul, 

 Delgado was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

The Strouses never thought Delgado would see life on the outside ever again. But then several years ago, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that any juvenile past or present the maximum sentence is 40 years. He is now petitioning Governor JB Pritzker for clemency.

The Strouses and Lodge 7 of Fraternal Order of Police are now mounting a campaign among the rank and file to keep Delgagdo in prison until he serves the whole 40 years.

Just this week union leaders circulated petitions and asking that emails be sent to the governor and his appointees on the Prisoner Review Board.

The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation behind the effort as well.

Strouse received 60 more department commendations during his time on the job.

his star is now in the superintendent’s Honored Star case at police headquarters at 35th and Michigan.

Delgado’s review board meeting is July 11


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