‘Faith, finance and fiction:’ financial literacy book for kids


CHICAGO — A man with a passion in financial literacy is dedicating a book to educate youth on the importance of budgeting and saving with some influence of faith.

Michael Omole, the author of ‘David and Amani Learn about Money,’ and an economics professional discussed his new children’s book on financial literacy that also highlights biblical principles.

“I wanted to combine my passions of faith, fiction and finance and it came together as a book,” Omole said.

From gaining inspiration from finance-related social media posts and with the help of an AI individual software, Omole curated his own children’s book in a month.

While being an uncle to many nieces and nephews, Omole dedicated the character “David’ to his late father, David Omole who passed away in Nigeria when he was 6.

The name Amani means peace in many languages so Omole connected it to the peace of mind that one gets with financial stability and conjured the title of his book, ‘David and Amani Learn about Money.’

While Omole recognizes the importance of teaching children about charity, he says it is just as vital to highlight financial matters to set kids up for economic success in adulthood. This would allow youth to give back in a financially responsible way, he says.

Omole also wanted to give Black children an image to look up to.

“When I was getting it illustrated, I definitely wanted to have black representation. When I was growing up, I didn’t see a lot of myself on books so that was definitely something I wanted to highlight.”

The book can be purchased on amazon. David and Amani Learn About Money: Omole, Michael: 9798373090391: Books

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