‘Everyone’s on edge’: String of robberies in Wrigleyville alarms residents


CHICAGO — Isabella Klepacki says the Wrigleyville robberies have been pretty much all she and her roommates can think about.

“We’ve all been making sure we’re not out past dark,” Klepacki said. “Everyone’s on edge. If you’re walking by someone, they’re kind of checking to make sure who’s behind them. So, it’s definitely been evident in the neighborhood.”

Klepacki says she’s even bought pepper spray.

“It’s given me a little bit more of a sense of security just because you have something on you but still, I don’t know how I would react in a situation like that,” she said.

Chicago Police have confirmed a fifth incident from last Saturday and Sunday, mainly in the early morning hours, where some victims are temporarily abducted and robbed at gunpoint near Wrigley Field. The latest incident happened at Addison at Clark, the same location as another robbery. In at least some of these cases, police say the suspects order the victims into a car at gunpoint and drive them around before taking their wallets and cell phones and dropping them off elsewhere in the neighborhood unharmed.

“It’s traumatic, to say the least. They’ve been able to deplete someone’s savings account,” said Ald. Tom Tunney (44th Ward).

Two teams of thieves are possibly involved, Tunney added.

“There were maybe two different types of sedans, one darker color, one gray,” he said.

The suspects allegedly approach their victims in a way that will get them to drop their guards.

“These individuals were met pleasantly, like, let’s get together sometime,” Tunney said.

Tunney said he has requested and received increased security in the neighborhood due to the weekend incidents.

“We have received additional resources as of Monday night,” he said. “Citywide teams are being deployed around the Wrigley Area. Private security on the Clark Street SSA corridor has increased their presence until further notice.”

Tunney said he is hopeful the cameras on nearby businesses will lead police to these robbers. Nearby residents say they aren’t yet convinced.

“Cameras? I mean, they’re nice but what can they do? ” asked Emily Stull. “They’ve already committed plenty of things and still aren’t in custody. Obviously, the cameras aren’t doing their job.”

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