Enzo Pineda And GF Michelle Vito Launches Health And Wellness Business


Enzo Pineda found more reasons to stay in love with his girlfriend, Michell Vito. Both of them actually share the same business passion and vision!

In an interview quoted by Push, Enzo revealed that they launched a health and wellness company, selling products such as glutathione and collagen drinks, and more. According to Enzo, they both decided to get into business because, like other celebrities, they are looking for a “fallback” due to the uncertainties of showbiz life.

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“So parang dun lang nagsimula yun and siyempre because of the pandemic, maraming mga artista na nawalan ng mga trabahao. So we want tobe ahead na kahit papano, if hindi nag-work yung passion namin which is acting, meron kaming fallback,” he said.

Enzo said they only sell products that they personally use and trust. It also helps that he and Michelle are health-conscious, so focusing on health products was their best option. “We got the idea dahil mahilig kami mag-workout at mag-gym. So we just really wanted to have a new business that we can be proud of and that may mga products kami na we would personally endorse na magiging proud kami,” he admitted.

Enzo shared that they just launched their business this year and they started by selling glutathione products. They are looking forward to expanding their business by selling more products soon.

“Siguro ang inspiration namin, kami kasi ni Michelle medyo health buffs kami eh,” he said.

Aside from the quality, Enzo said they also want to make sure that the products they sell are affordable for ordinary Filipinos. They want effective but affordable health products.

“So we really wanted to produce products that are cheap and effective. Hindi kagaya nung mga binibili natin ngayon na masyadong mura pero wala naman siya masyadong effect or masyadong mahal naman,” he explained.

Enzo said they are looking forward to expanding their business in 2023. They are hoping they will be able to offer more products of good quality that are affordable.

While many people often have doubts and hesitations about starting a business with a friend. Enzo said venturing into business as a couple is actually a good idea. He said it gives them a good head start and savings before they build a family,

In an article by ABS-CBN, Enzo said, “Para pagdating ng panahon, pag ready na kami, hindi na namin iisipin ‘yung mga iba ibang bagay na bahay, saan titira, paano ‘yung mga magulang namin, ganyan. So dapat at least naka-set na lahat before everything else.”

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