Entrepreneur Who Lost Money Due to Failed Investments, Now Earns P200K In Sleepwear Business


An entrepreneur learned that failing in business doesn’t always mean the end of the road. Sometimes, failed businesses are meant to be lessons that will guide us toward the right path.

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In an episode of GMA’s Pera Paraan, Isabel Cane Montoya of Mermaid Clothing shared her inspiring business story. According to her, she came up with the terno sleepwear business after realizing that everyone needs comfortable clothes at home, especially during the lockdown.

“Naisip po namin ano yung mga ginagamit ng mga tao kahit nasa bahay lang sila since na uso na po yung work from home at mga online classes,” Isabel shared.

While they were determined and motivated to start, their first try at the sleepwear business failed. She invested P120,000 but only received low-quality sleepwear. She had no choice but to sell them at a low price or give them away. Isabel was emotional as she recalled that she was left with only P500 savings after the failed investment.

“Na lugi po kami. Hindi po pala maganda yung product na ibibigay niya,” Isabel recalled.

Determined to succeed, Isabel pulled herself together and tried again. But even in their second attempt, it still didn’t work out for them. They still received low-quality sleepwear that didn’t fit well.

Finally, the third try worked as a charm! Using her savings and the refund she got from her 2nd failed business, Isabel invested P15,000 in another sleepwear business.

“Ako po kasi yung taong kapag may pag-asa, hindi ko po titigil hangga’t hindi ko po nakukuha yung gusto ko. Yung success na gusto ko sa business na to, di po talaga ako titigil,” she said.

Screengrab: GMA via Youtube

This time, Isabel was more thorough in improving the quality of their sleepwear. They hired better seamstresses and reached out to more possible customers. They also had live selling and tried to sell their sleepwears to their family and friends. Slowly but surely, their business was gaining more and more customers.

According to Isabel, all their hard work paid off. They are now earning a “clean profit” of P100,000 to P200,000 per month. They get to dispose of 1,000 sleepwears a week.

Because of their business, Isabel was able to buy 2 properties, cars, and provide for her family. Isabel’s business story is another reminder of how important it is to be determined when venturing in business.

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