Entrepreneur Who Closed Business Due To Pandemic Begins Anew With Wooden Product Business


The pandemic has had a significant impact on many businesses. Many shops and businesses are closed due to lockdowns and other restrictions.

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Majah Godoy of Kahon.atbp shared their inspiring story to remind us that sometimes closing a business isn’t the end of everything. Oftentimes, a closed business means an opportunity to start something new. In an episode of GMA’s Pera Paraan, Majah said things are doing so well in their wooden product business.

From a capital of P3,000 they are earning huge profits by making customizable wooden boxes, lamps, and other products. They have a weekly net income of P20,000 to P30,000 during the off-season. During peak seasons when huge orders are coming in during Christmas to Valentine’s Day, they can earn as much as P100,000 to P150,000 per week.

But before they reached their success, Majah recalled how difficult and challenging their journey was. She is a licensed architect, and she used to have a fabrication company making cabinets for houses and condominiums. When their business started slowing down, they shifted to making wooden boxes. It was a big risk to start a new business, but they used their entire savings for it.

Unfortunately, just a month after their business started operating, the pandemic came. Everything stopped for them. “Tumigil lahat, ang construction, mga deliveries. Wala po kaming mapagkunan ng income, kaya nag-isip kaming mag-asawa ng pwede sa halagang meron kami,” she recalled.

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With only P3,000 left, they went into the “pabili” service business. After a month, they were able to save enough to start their Kahon.atbp business again. Aside from personalized wooden lamps, they also have piggy banks, clocks, gift sets, souvenirs, and more.

Since then, Majah has come a long way. Before, she was the only one making the products. She now has staff who help her. They now also have resellers all over the country to reach more customers. Majah isn’t stopping yet as she looks forward to bigger and brighter things for her business.

Majah’s story will remind us that how important it is to not give up. Like her, an entrepreneur who had many failed businesses eventually found success in his crispy isaw business. So, if you’re a businessman with a failed business, try to take a pause and maybe a restart is all it takes.

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