Employee fires shots during burglary at insurance office in Rogers Park


CHICAGO — Sometime before 2 a.m. Friday, Chicago police said an insurance office in Rogers Park was broken into.

Someone who called police about the incident told them he fired his gun at someone attempting to break into the office near Winchester and Howard Street, according to police radio traffic.

It’s not clear if the man had a valid concealed carry license, but according to police, he was working late when someone took the door off its hinges and went inside.

Flower’s Hair Salon is a few doors down from where the burglary took place. While Blossom is thankful in her four years of business, she’s never dealt with any crime.

But she said she isn’t letting her guard down.

“All of this going on is really shocking to me,” Blossom, the owner of the hair salon, said. “I have installed cameras if anything happens.”

As if the break-in overnight wasn’t bad enough, at least 19 cars on Howard Street were also found vandalized earlier this week in Rogers Park.

Blossom hopes these incidents reflect negatively on her neighborhood and believes having police come around will go a long way.

“I just want a little more police presence in the area that would feel more safe, more protected,” Blossom said.

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