Emo Nite brings party to Chicago to celebrate all things emo, pop-punk


CHICAGO — Remember when emo music was all the rage? With the rise of pop-punk nostalgia on TikTok, emo music has found its rightful seat back at the music table.

As Rolling Stone observed a few years ago, “Emo Nite vindicated the scene.”

The party comes to town this Saturday, Aug. 13 at Subterranean with Emo Nite. Over the last eight years, Emo Nite has laid the groundwork for artists in the mainstream such as Travis Barker, Nothing, Nowhere, Blackbear and Bring Me the Horizon to bring emo to rapidly growing audiences and help its popularity reach greater heights than ever before.

“There’s a lot of ownership from our community of the event itself and the Emo Nite brand,” Petracca said. “It’s about breaking down that barrier of ‘Look at me, it’s all about me.’ No, it’s about us, together, in this room. It belongs to every single person that comes through the door.”

Emo Nite at Subterranean, photo credit: Allie Mischen

Co-founders Morgan Freed and TJ Petracca have championed the rising stars that we now see carrying the emo torch: Machine Gun Kelly first debuted his pop-punk persona at Emo Nite, they gave Yungblud one of his first U.S. shows, and Avril Lavigne made her triumphant return to pop-punk with a performance at Emo Nite.

They have had such an incredible year so far as they continue to grow not only through their iconic monthly parties, but as a brand as a whole. The duo made their debut at Coachella and Hangout Music Fest this year, playing a set filled with emo and pop punk classics to a packed crowds.

To learn more information about Emo Nite or to catch the show this weekend, click here.

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