Elope In Banff: Everything You Need To Know  | 2022


This national park is packed with magnificent destinations. From turquoise waters to stunning views of the Rocky Mountains, it’s no wonder so many couples decide to elope in Banff

If you’ve been dreaming up a Banff elopement, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll discuss amazing locations to tie the knot.  

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While eloping is often the more straightforward route, there are still plenty of rules and regulations you will need to follow.

No need to worry; we have you covered. This article will walk you through everything you need to know to elope in Banff. 

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Best Places To Elope In Banff 

Each location in Banff is uniquely breathtaking. From turquoise glacier lakes to epic views of the rocky mountains, there are plenty of unique destinations to make your elopement dreams come true. 

When deciding on a location, it is important to keep the time of year in mind as some of the locations are seasonal. All locations within the park are subject to close due to weather, you can check for closers here. 

If you’re in a hurry, here is a quick glance at the best places to elope in Banff. 

  • Morain Lake 
  • Lake Louise 
  • Peyto Lake 
  • Lake Minnewanka 
  • Tunnel Moutain Resevior 
  • Two Jack Lake 
  • The Norquay Lookout

Read on for a breakdown of each location, as well as further instructions on how to elope in Banff legally. 

1. Moraine Lake 

Moraine Lake offers stunning valley views, captivating mountain ranges, and an enchantingly beautiful turquoise lake. 

The lake is closed to visitors during the winter due to potential avalanches. 

The best times to visit are late spring, summer, and fall. Expect some chilly weather as well as some leftover snow and ice if you opt for springtime.

We just visited the lake at the beginning of June, and it was still frozen. 

Keep in mind this is a popular destination so if you’re looking to slightly avoid the crowds opt for a spring or fall wedding. 

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2. Lake Louise 

Another striking turquoise lake surrounded by mountain peaks is Lake Louise, which has breathtaking views and a variety of nearby hiking trails to enjoy after the ceremony. 

Eloping here is fantastic all year round. The frozen lake is converted into an ice skating rink in the wintertime and is a true winter wonderland.

If you’re hoping for a warmer temperature and a clear view of the lake, we suggest eloping in summer or fall. 

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lake louise

3. Peyto Lake 

Peyto Lake offers elevated views of yet another impressive glacier-fed lake. With spectacular scenery, this has become a popular destination for photographs, so get ready for some epic wedding shots. 

Getting to Peyto lake will require a bit of trekking. This is a 1.5-mile (2.4 kilometers) loop and generally easy hike; however, the snow and ice can add to its difficulty. 

We just visited this lake in early June, and the trail was not completely melted. For a snow-free hike, we recommend visiting from July to September.

4. Lake Minnewanka 

The beautiful glacier lake stretches 13 miles (21 kilometers), surrounded by pine trees and majestic peaks.  

You can access the lake at any point of the year and ice skate among the mountains during the wintertime. For a full view of the turquoise waters, it’s best to elope in spring, summer, or fall. 

While this is still a popular location, we find this to be one of the more intimate destinations as long as you visit within the shoulder months. 

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5. Tunnel Moutain Reservoir 

Get up close and personal with Tunnel Mountain. You and your partner will say your vows in an open meadow with truly spectacular views. 

To marry here, you will have to reserve the space through the town of Banff. There is no shelter or bathrooms on-site, so you will want to consider that when choosing this destination. 

This space is accessible for elopements year-round.

6. Two Jack Lake 

Peer into this spectacular emerald lake as the grand mountain ranges reflect upon the water. This easily accessible lake provides some truly picturesque views. 

While the lake is accessible year-round, to really enjoy all it has to offer, it’s best to elope here during the summer or fall months. 

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7.  The Norquay Lookout

Set your sights on vast mountain peaks as your ower over the town of Banff. At the top of Mount Norquay, you will be greeted by panoramic Bow Valley, the Canadian Rockies, and lush pine trees. 

You can drive up to the mountain and opt for a gondola ride that takes you to the top. Currently, the gondola costs $35.00 per person. 

You can access this location all year round. If you decide to have a winter wedding you will have to keep road closures in mind. 

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How To Elope In Banff 

Time for the fun part, logistics.

While you must follow some careful instructions, eloping in Banff is not too difficult. As Banff is located within Alberta, you will have to adhere to the laws of this province. 

Getting married in Banff is accessible for most couples as you do not need to be a resident of the province or country to tie the knot here. 

The main necessities are:

  • Receiving a marriage license 
  • Finding a registered officiant 
  • Obtaining a special use permit
  • Ensuring you have two witnesses that are at least 18 years old 

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How To Get A Marriage License 

In order to legally marry in Banff, you will need to obtain a marriage license in Alberta. The first step in completing this process is making an appointment with the registry agent’s office.

Both you and your partner will be responsible for appearing in person together to apply for the license. You will need legal identification (driver’s license or passport) as well as proper evidence of the termination of your previous marriage, if applicable. 

There is a $40 government fee for the license and a registry agent fee. The registry fee varies depending on the agent. 

Finding An Officiant 

To officiate a wedding in Alberta, the person must be legally authorized by Vital Statistics. You can choose between a clergy member (religious ceremony) or a civil marriage commissioner (non-religious).

To find a clergy member to officiate your wedding, you will have to contact the church directly. There may be additional requirements depending on the religious party. 

If you decide to have a civil ceremony, you can search for registered officiants in Alberta here

Location Permits In Banff  

In order to elope within the park, you will be required to obtain a special use permit and a park entry pass. The permit varies in price depending on the specific location and other arrangements, but all areas require a refundable $250 damage deposit. 

The park pass is $10.50 for adults and $9.00 for seniors. Each guest, as well as vendors and officiants, will be required to purchase a pass. 

You can find the registration form along with additional information here

Rules To Keep In Mind 

As Banff is a national park, you will have to follow a list of rules and regulations when getting married here. If you do not follow these rules, you will be subjected to fines and could be removed from the park. 

These include:

  1. No more than 20 participants may attend the ceremony.
  2. Props are limited to a small registration table, chairs, and wedding arch.
  3. All tents or forms of temporary shelters are forbidden.
  4. Music is allowed but must be contained and quiet; acoustic is suggested. 
  5. Excessive noise, amplification systems, and unruly behavior are forbidden 
  6. Gas-powered generators are not permitted. 
  7. The release of live animals is strictly prohibited (butterflies, doves, etc.).
  8. You are unable to throw any objects at the ceremony, such as rice or flower petals. 

You can find a more inclusive list of ceremony requirements here

Elopement Packages In Banff

Alberta has a wide range of agencies that can assist you with all your elopement needs from start to finish. This can include booking accommodations, assisting with the marriage license, photography, hair and makeup, finding an officiant, obtaining location permits, and more. 

Elope in Banff is one of the several companies that offer a variety of elopement packages. 

These packages tend to be a bit more inclusive and range from $2,000 CAN to $8,0000 CAN and beyond. 

Final Thoughts On Eloping In Banff 

Banff is filled with breathtaking locations that will make for a picture-perfect wedding ceremony. You’ll have plenty of jaw-dropping backdrops from mountain peaks to turquoise waters.  

Just make sure you are aware of the rules and regulations of the park and that you have received the proper licensing and permits to marry here legally. 

Not sure if Banff is the right place to elope? Read one of the following guides:

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