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According to EcoWatch, Orlando is one of the greenest cities in the United States. The auto industry is turning green, and Orlando’s car rental agencies are following suit. Therefore, if you’re thinking of renting a car in Orlando, you might want to consider renting an electric one.

But before anything else, ask yourself if an electric car is a suitable option for you. What advantages and disadvantages do electric cars have? Before renting an electric vehicle, keep in mind the following.

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What Is An Electric Car?

A plug-in electric vehicle or a highway-ready car that operates on electricity is referred to as an electric car. It is powered by a large electric battery which needs to be charged at a charging station.

Advantages Of Electric Car Rental

Here are the main advantages of renting electric cars.

Environmental Friendly

The fact that hiring an electric car is ecologically sustainable is perhaps its greatest advantage. Without using any petrol, you can charge your electric rental car to 80% in just 30 minutes by simply plugging it into the charger. The environment won’t be harmed by you or your rented electric car. Today, pollution is a major problem, and even businesses are beginning to realize this. So, a cleaner atmosphere means everyone is pleased.

Diminished Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is a different form of pollution that is rarely discussed. Loud noises are irritating and uncomfortable, and both of these effects might harm your health or your exciting trip to Orlando. By hiring an electric car, you may partially address that issue as well. Electric vehicles are quiet. You are not creating any noise at all if you are traveling at 15 mph. Electric cars are as quiet as a fish traveling at that speed. Wheel resistance is the only source of noise at higher speeds.

Parking Is Free In City Paid Parking Zones

Imagine being eager to visit Orlando’s world-renowned theme parks but instead spending your good time looking for a parking spot. Well, not with electric cars!

The City Parking Zones offer free parking for electric vehicles. These cars are typically marked specifically, making it simple to identify and exclude them while looking over parking tickets.

Free parking is an option that saves not only money but also the time it would take to find parking meters and get a ticket.

Smooth & Comfortable Drive

Do you dislike shifting gears? No worries. Your electric car is fully automated. This can be a huge benefit for drivers who are less experienced. All you need to know is how to park and shift between forward and reverse.

Driving an electric car might seem smoother than driving a non-electric car since electric vehicles don’t have a clutch, gearbox, or tailpipe. And because of regenerative braking, you can accelerate much faster and need to brake less frequently.

Safe Mode Of Transportation

Due to the motor and batteries being on the bottom of the car rather than the front, electric vehicles often have a low center of gravity. As a result, they are much less prone to roll over than vehicles that are front-heavy or higher off the ground.

It also means that, even in a serious collision, there is a far reduced chance of a fire starting or an engine explosion than in a conventional car. They are significantly safer than gasoline-powered cars since there is no fuel or gas, and the engine is positioned away from the regions most likely to be impacted by accident. 

Furthermore, when you rent an electric car, there is less risk of something breaking down as electric vehicles are more reliable overall.

Variety Of Modern Vehicles

As demand for electric cars rises, automakers compete to create the newest, most distinctive models to attract more buyers. There is an electric automobile for everyone, including sedans, SUVs, and supercars. Electric vehicles are the way to go, whether you want to drive a Nissan or rent a Tesla. Expect only the most innovative designs and outstanding performance statistics.

Reduce Costs

Charging electric motors is affordable. Electricity is far less expensive compared to common car-powering options like gas or even petroleum. Additionally, there are locations where you may charge your electric car for free. This is made possible by a few stations for cardholders with special access, as well as frequently by hotels or other tourist attractions and service centers.

Your operational costs will significantly reduce when you rent an electric car in Orlando.

The Drawback Of Renting An Electric Vehicle

Ironically, the biggest drawback of renting an electric vehicle is also its best benefit: charging. At a charging station in a public place, you may recharge your electric rental car. Many supermarkets and parking lots provide free public charging stations that you may use throughout your visit.

However, an electric car’s typical range is just about 100 miles. So, if you’re traveling a great distance, you’ll need a network of charging stations, which is being constructed all the time but is still partially under development.

A Futuristic Approach

The future is electric. Renting an electric vehicle entails both financial advantages and exclusive driving privileges. Incentives are given to persuade drivers to convert to eco-friendly vehicles. A rented luxury car that operates on batteries is one of the solutions to resolving the energy and environment crises that all civilizations are experiencing today.

How To Rent Electric Car In Orlando?

As electric cars are still relatively new in Orland, the benefits of their use are limited to a small number of drivers who may enjoy a more relaxing and cost-effective trip. It is important to think carefully when selecting the best rental company, regardless of whether you desire an economical, conventional car for rent in Orlando or are tempted to rent an electric car.

It’s as simple to rent electric car in Orlando as it is to rent a fuel-powered car. Choose an electric rental car, select the pick-up and drop-off locations and dates, and Presto! The finest electric car is ready to take you around beautiful Orlando.

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