Election Day safety plan discussed by Chicago law enforcement


CHICAGO — As Election Day approaches, local law enforcement is preparing their public safety plan.

Chicago Police Department Superintendent David Brown, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, and Chicago Board of Election Commissioners Director of Public Information Max Bever held a press conference Friday morning to discuss their respective organizations’ preparations.

Brown noted the city has approximately 2,000 polling locations and that his officers will be paying special attention to each one of them. Part of the department’s commitment includes conducting premise checks and monitoring equipment. He also stated the City of Chicago has received no election day-related threats as of that moment.

“We’re just being super cautious, making sure our coordination is tight,” Brown said. “As part of our robust plan continue to collaborate with the Board of Elections to identify areas where officers will have fixed posts to ensure areas are safe and secure and we will be providing security for warehouses where election equipment is being stored.”

Foxx noted if there are any irregularities that happen during the election day process, voters can call her office’s election day hotline at (773) 674-3311 or through email at She also stated anyone who uses election day for threats of intimidation or violence against those who wish to cast a ballot or are involved with the voting process will be held responsible.

Bever noted the board has a trained team of about 400 investigators made up of former or off-duty law enforcement who will be out in full force on Tuesday, November 8. Election investigators will ensure polls open and close on time, remove judges or poll watchers if needed, and protect ballots and election materials to receiving stations. The Chicago Board of Elections has its own Election day hotline at (312) 269-7870.

The event took place at the Chicago Board of Elections’ Loop super site. Watch the entire press conference in the video below.

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