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Going to the match has gotten expensive. Because of the high price you pay these days to go and watch your team play, you need to make it an event.

There are many ways to have more fun when you go to the game and get more value for money from the price of admission. Here are just a few ways to get you started and have a bit of extra fun when you go to the match.

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Have A Plan For The Downtime

When you are going to the match it is inevitable that you will have some short periods of time with nothing to do. Travelling is a prime opportunity for boredom. If you have a long commute to an away game or must spend an hour or so on the train to get to your stadium, have a plan for your free time.

Getting involved in the match build-up on social media can be fun, and it is there waiting for you whenever you have some downtime. There are also lots of streaming services showing pre-match talk and analysis that you can watch on your phone to help get you in the mood for a match. You will also get some interesting stats and information to take to the stands and talk about with the fans around you.

For a little extra fun, you can look at some online betting sites and check the odds on the result and in-game events like red cards and own goals. You do not have to place any bets to have a bit of fun, but many of these betting sites offer free bets on matchdays. Make the match a bit more exciting by gambling a free bet on a player to score or your team to win.

If you are still stuck for something to do, listen to the radio. This can help pass the time, give you some pre-match build-up, and be a good laugh to listen to while you wait for kick-off. There is plenty of banter on a matchday on sports radio stations.

Have A Plan For Halftime

The worst part of going to the match can be standing around at halftime with nothing to do. The midway break does not last long, but it can feel like it lasts forever if you do not have anything to keep you entertained.

The radio or apps on your phone can come in handy again, keeping you up to date on other scores in the league. They can also give you some background information on your game that does not make it to the stands. Getting some food and drink at the stadium can chew up a bit of time and give your stomach something to keep you going, though it is rarely something nutritious. 

Football clubs have been upping their catering game lately though. Social media has helped push this trend, with people sharing pictures of the food their club provides its fans. Just like everything else about a football team, the offerings at the catering stalls have become competitive. Many clubs are trying to beat their local and league rivals and give fans something special for a reasonable price.

You still cannot beat a meat pie or a sausage roll, but do not be surprised to find salt and pepper chicken with a sweet chilli dip on the menu at a game. Gourmet pies are even making an appearance at lower league games.

Get To The Game Early

Going to the match can be expensive, so get as much for your money as possible to find some extra value and some extra fun. Getting to the game early gives you the opportunity to spend a bit of time at your club, pay a visit to any museum or welcome centre, and meet lots of other fans just like you.

The atmosphere of a football match begins to build early, and you can be a part of it. There is a lot of media around too before a match. If you fancy getting interviewed on your thoughts before a game, get there early and you could see yourself on the television. 

Meeting fans from all over the country, and from all over the world in some cases, is the highlight of getting to the ground with plenty of time to spare. You can hear stories about your club and the players you have never heard about before and make some new friends you can meet every matchday. 

Fans from far-flung corners of the earth are always full of stories of their travel to the game and are enthusiastic to meet fellow fans at the ground. Getting to a match early is probably the best way to make your matchday more fun.

Know The Chants

This requires a little pre-match preparation but is worth it if you are going to make the most of your matchday experience. Football chants have been a big part of football fandom for years, across the world. You need to know your team’s chants if you are going to get into the swing of things on the terraces.

The internet can be a major help here. There are plenty of YouTube channels for just about every team, and chants and their meanings are often topics of discussion. There are even sing-along videos out there too that can help you practice and get the words memorised.

Most teams have a song to sing just before kick-off. If you do not know all the words you should get some practice in before a game, so you are ready for it. These moments at a football game can be incredibly special and is part of the magic of football. You do not have to be a good singer; chanting is not singing. It is about passion, not singing ability. Have some fun and belt out the chants from the stands at your next game and you will enjoy yourself a lot more than you usually do.

The price of a ticket might lower the mood, but do not let that stop you from having fun at a game. Use a couple of these tips to make your matchday extra fun.

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