East Chicago parents, kids demand answers after teacher accused of having ‘kill list’




EAST CHICAGO, Ind. — Parents in East Chicago gathered outside St. Stanislaus School on Wednesday to demand changes made in the wake of a teacher charged with having a “kill list.” 

The parents want answers about how the school handled the situation; 

According to court documents, last week, two fifth graders were in the classroom of Angelica Carrasquillo, 25, of Griffith, for recess detention, when one of the students allegedly heard Carrasquillo say that she wanted to kill herself and had a “kill list.” Furthermore, documents allege the teacher told the fifth graders that they were “at the bottom of the list.”

Court documents state that Carrasquillo was escorted to the principal’s office, where she allegedly said, “I want to kill myself, staff and students, and I did also make a kill list.”

Protesters questioned why the teacher stayed on school grounds without police being called for several hours. 

The parent group said they’re seeking greater transparency from the school, improved safety measures and a full investigation. 

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