Disadvantages and Bad Habit Woes of Online Education Learning

Bad habits are deeply rooted and their change requires a deeper understanding. In all my years of writing about the beneficiaries of online education learning I have come across several disadvantages of online courses.

Modern lives require high-end careers. Kudos to online learning for it has eased the age old conventions of higher education. Now career goals are no longer limited to the handful. Online higher degrees are meant to cater the educational needs at large.

    • Low Motivation – Acquiring online learning experience requires motivation, dedication and sincere endeavors. Students with low motivation and bad study habits can find it difficult to complete an online study. It requires self-motivation as the student has to study on her own and there is hardly any pressure from the part of the tutor.
    • Too Much Time – E-courses require more time than courses in colleges or higher educational institutions. Giving ample time to students is actually a disadvantage. Students with bad habits feel lethargic to attend regular interactive classes and keep postponing the time schedule.
    • Lack of planning – To earn from online education which is well planned may be easy. But the study patterns are not that easy and have to be well planned. Improper study planning added to bad study habits can derail the process of learning. However, the course activities have to be planned if possible with an expert help.
    • Traditional Class Formats Are Missing – Students too familiar and dependent on traditional classes can find it difficult to cope with virtual online classes. Traditional class formats are missing that may lead to confusion. Online classes therefore require more attention and prioritizing.
    • No Availability of Personal Tutorial Help – The tutorial guidance sometimes may not suffice or satisfy the educational needs of the students. So, the student may feel the absence of personal tutorial guidance. An online video class may fulfill the requirement to some extent.
    • Isolation from instructor and classmates – In an online class a learner may feel isolated from the instructor and classmates. Classroom like environment, proper test timings, semesters and project submission within a particular deadline are all missing in virtual classes. Therefore an online learner may feel sluggish to work and study on her own.
    • Lab Work Is missing – Lab work is difficult to mange in virtual classroom rather it is missing. The absence of laboratory work is a serious disadvantage particularly in disciplines like physical or biological science.
  • Self-Learning – Online learning is almost like self learning where a person has to take responsibility of his or her own course of studies.