DHS warns of heightened threats ahead of holidays


(NewsNation) — The Department of Homeland Security is warning of rising threats in the coming months.

A report from DHS referred to a heightened threat environment, with risks of domestic terror attacks committed by lone-wolf actors or groups motivated by personal grievances and violent ideologies.

The report, which comes ahead of the holiday season, said potential targets include public gatherings, religious institutions, government facilities, schools and the LGBTQ+ community. The agency also warned of possible attacks against the media, critical infrastructure and perceived ideological opponents.

“Perceptions of government overreach continue to drive individuals to attempt to commit violence targeting government officials and law enforcement officers,” the report stated. “Some domestic violent extremists have expressed grievances based on perceptions that the government is overstepping its constitutional authorities or failing to perform its duties.”

DHS pointed to an uptick in extremist content online as well as recent attacks like the Colorado Springs shooting at a gay nightclub that killed five people and recent threats made against the Jewish community in New York City.

The report also highlighted the recent attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, at the couple’s San Francisco home and threatening letters and packages received by lawmakers.

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