Despite passed ordinance, concerns remain after SW Side deadly drag race shooting


CHICAGO — Tire tracks stain the pavement at Archer and Kedzie in Brighton Park after police say 100 cars and onlookers took over the intersection around 4 a.m. Sunday.

Witness Darrell Cross, who lives nearby, told WGN News he heard the commotion and went outside to check it out. But soon after he arrived, the gathering turned violent.

“They started shooting and next thing I know, I see people laying on the ground, so I just ran,” he said.

Police say five young men were shot. Three of them died from their injuries.

“As the officers were responding, we received a shotspotter alert of at least 13 rounds that went off,” said 9th District Commander Don Jerome.

Officers say each of those killed had a gang affiliation.

“I’ve been here five years and nothing’s ever happened like this,” Cross said. “You see a lot more evidence of gangs, though, with their tagging buildings, you know more and more.”

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Drifting is a growing problem in Chicago. The deadly escalation comes three months after City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that allows police to use picture and video evidence to track down the cars involved and impound them, even without the owner present.

The drivers face a $5,000 to $10,000 fine.

Chicago Police tell WGN News they’ve impounded 26 vehicles since the ordinance passed. And there’ve been 72 requests for impound, meaning police are still working to locate the car.

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