Deer breaks into suburban nursing home, runs through halls; No injuries reported


WESTMONT, Ill. — No injuries were reported after a large deer smashed into a suburban nursing home and ran through the hallways.

It all started Wednesday morning just as this McGrath Lexus dealership in Westmont was set to open. A deer first tried to get into the building before running to a nearby nursing home.

“It was about 8 in the morning. I was sitting having coffee, starting work, and all of a sudden, I hear a loud thud on the window,” said McGrath Lexus of Westmont general sales manager Greg Luzinski.

Security cameras from outside the dealership first show the deer running across the parking lot and then heading straight toward the glass windows and doors on the side of the building.

“I look and see a deer bouncing off our windows. It heads east down the front of the building, then takes a turn by the retirement community,” Luzinski said.

The deer left behind streaks of blood on the window, possibly injured by the glass or a car beforehand. Security video then shows the animal run towards the Westmont Manor Health and Rehab Center – and jump right into a window once inside.

“Apparently, he knocked a couple of people down and even head-butted somebody,” Luzinski said. “I can’t imagine being elderly, sitting in a retirement community and having a deer jump through your window at 8 am. It would be quite the surprise.”

The manager of this dealership says the deer could have very easily entered their building as well. 

“I’m shocked he didn’t damage any of the vehicles or run up to the front of the building because the automatic doors would have opened and he would have been inside the dealership,” Luzinski said.

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