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GREAT SUMMARY OF THE JUST CONCLUDED 2022 ATLANTIC BASIN HURRICANE SEASON, SEASON DESCRIBED BY TOP EXPERT DR. JEFF MASTERS AS “BIZARRE AND DESTRUCTIVE.” While tamer than anticipated, the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season goes down on the books as having produced “Ian”–a storm which decimated a swath of Florida and which, reports tropical weather authority Dr. Jeff Masters, was the 5th deadliest of the past 60 years–and a storm which is likely to be recorded among the Top 10 most destructive hurricanes on record.READ THE ENTIRE YALE COMMUNICATIONS ARTICLE by DR. JEFF MASTERS HERE:…/the-bizarre-and…/

Hurricane Ian as seen by the Landsat 8 satellite at 15:57 UTC September 28, three hours before the storm made landfall in Caya Costa. At the time, Ian was at peak strength – a category 4 storm with 155 mph winds. (Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory)

Costliest U.S. weather disasters (2022 dollars) from NOAA’s list of billion-dollar weather events.

Here’s a frightening account of the tragic crash of a Boeing 737 into the city’s West Lawn neighborhood on a drizzly, gray day a half century ago on December 8, 1972. Chicago Magazine’s magnificent Mike Thomas recalls details of that day in this excellent piece. Forty-five perished in the crash—two on the ground and 43 on the aircraft. The flight had originated at Washington National Airport and was bound for Omaha, Nebraska. Thanks to Patrick Skatch and our city’s climate and meteorological guru Frank Wachowski for calling this to my attention.…/the-day-a-737-crashed…/

REUTERS REPORTS ON A PAPER PUBLISHED IN THE JOURNAL “NATURE” WEDNESDAY THAT SCIENTISTS HAVE RUN A QUANTUM COMPUTER SIMULATION OF TWO “MINISCULE WORMHOLES.” Wormholes have been featured in more than one science fiction production. They’ve been popularized in Hollywood series like “Star Trek” and the movie “Interstellar” and are portrayed as “portals” through space and time allow which allow the transport of spacecraft and humans, “through unimaginable distances with ease.” The Reuters story goes on to ruefully and accurately add–“If only it were that simple.” What was reported on Wednesday was a simulation of what Caltech physicist Maria Spiropulu, a co-author of the research published in the journal Nature, describes as a “baby wormhole”. The simulation was run on a quantum computer–a new generation of supercomputer, capable of performing a mindbloggling number of mathematical calculations at speeds all but impossible wrap our minds around. Such computers are likely to usher in a new era in computing (…/quantum-computers-eight-ways…/). Of the project involving the wormhole simulations, Reuters writes, “Scientists have long pursued a deeper understanding of wormholes and now appear to be making progress. Researchers announced on Wednesday that they forged two miniscule simulated black holes – those extraordinarily dense celestial objects with gravity so powerful that not even light can escape – in a quantum computer and transmitted a message between them through what amounted to a tunnel in space-time.” Fermilab physicist and study co-author Joseph Lykken of Fermilab, America’s particle physics and accelerator laboratory, puts the quantum computer simulation in perspective. He’s quoted by Reuters, saying “There’s a difference between something being possible in principle and possible in reality. So don’t hold your breath about sending your dog through the wormhole. But you have to start somewhere. And I think to me it’s just exciting that we’re able to get our hands on this at all.”

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