Death of daughter inspires suburban family to spotlight need for blood donations


A Berwyn family that suffered a heartbreaking loss is encouraging blood donations to save lives. 

“My daughter was a happy-go-lucky 15-year-old,” Alex Segoviano said.  “She was diagnosed with leukemia two years before her 15th birthday.” 

AnaVictoria died in 2017, but her family is keeping her memory alive with blood drives like the one held on Sunday inside the Chicago Red Cross Headquarters.

AnaVictoria’s father Alex Segoviano served with the Marine Corps. He said he is trying to get the word out to his fellow veterans and everyone about the importance of donating blood. 

“Anything you do benefits people immediately (in) real-time,” he said. “And we’re talking about people who need it today.” 

“Accident victims, people with cancer – so many people who need blood each and every day every,” American Red Cross Illinois Spokesperson Joy Squier said. “(Every) two seconds someone needs blood and we need people to come out we need people to donate.” 

Squier said it’s a really easy way to make a difference. 

“It takes less than an hour of your time and you really are saving lives every time you donate blood,” she said.  

And AnaVictoria’s family is honoring her life by working to save others. 

“I think it’s God’s will,” Segoviano said. “It allows me to feel we’re accomplishing something positive. The fact that she’s not here with me – but it’s a good deed. It’s a good deed.”

The need for blood is urgent. has a listing of blood drives. 

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