Darren Bailey slammed for using Chicago crime for political gain


CHICAGO — A shooting Tuesday night at Chicago’s Washington Park, which left two people dead and seven others wounded, drew the ire of Republican candidate for Illinois governor Darren Bailey.

Following the deadly shooting in Washington Park, where police said a verbal altercation turned violent between two groups, resulting in gunfire, Bailey again called out Democratic leadership.

“The gunfire, the murders, the mayhem in Chicago doesn’t have to be the norm,” Bailey said Wednesday. “It’s time for a change and that only happens when we fire JB Pritzker. It’s that simple. JB Pritzer: where are you at?”

Stephanie Trussell, a candidate for Lt. Governor, also addressed the violence.

“They’re dying in mass shootings and drive-bys,” Trussell said. “Everything is so much more worse for people who look like me since JB Pritzker, Lori Lightfoot and Kim Foxx took over.”

City leaders and activists countered, alleging that Bailey is using the latest shooting tragedy to garner political points, not change.

“He’s coming here to a place he’s never been before, race-baiting,” said Ald. Sophia King (4th Ward).

Andrew Holmes was also critical of Bailey, adding that the use of tragedy for political gain is disrespectful to grieving families. Holmes said that if Bailey is adamant about combating violence, he needs to invest resources in disadvantaged communities.

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“If you wanted to help, you should’ve been helping then, but you can still help now,” Holmes said. “Bring your resources here and put these people to work, some mental health facilities here and help us combat this violence.”

Bailey, the state senator turned GOP gubernatorial candidate revealed Tuesday he is renting a high-rise apartment in downtown Chicago to ‘immerse’ himself ‘in the culture’ while keeping tabs on crime in a city he has often referred to as a ‘hell hole.’

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