Dangerous weather situation issued in Louisiana and Mississippi




Tornado Watches/Warnings in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama

Three Tornado Watches highlighting a “Particularly Dangerous Situation” were issued for portions of Louisiana and Mississippi starting early Tuesday afternoon and then updated along with two additional Tornado Watches for portions of Mississippi and Alabama later in the afternoon into the evening hours – actually past midnight in easternmost sections (see outlined area on map).
As of 8:30PM CST, there had been 15 tornado sightings, 13 of which were in Mississippi. There were many reports of trees and power lines downed, considerable damage seemingly had occurred in and south of Bassfield in south-central Mississippi about half-way between Gulfport and Jackson where a wedge tornado was sighted. There were 25 large hail and 15 wind damage reports in addition to the 15 tornado sightings for a total of 57 severe storm reports as of 8:30PM.

6 PM CDT Tuesday 

  • All ingredients in place for supercell/tornado development
  •  Strong SW Jet Stream at 30,000-ft aloft
  •  50 mph low-level jet (surface to 5,000-ft) with converging winds and subsequent lifting/rising air
  • Strong cold front approaching from the west
  •  Warm moist unstable air carried north out of the Gulf of Mexico
  •  Diverging air aloft – enhances rising air from below – enhancing supercell development

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