Critics claim Mayor’s new anti-violence initiative as tactic for reelection campaign


CHICAGO — Critics of a new Chicago anti-violence initiative claim the new operation is a tactic to help Mayor Lightfoot in her reelection process.

With the mayoral election race next month, some police sources question the timing of CPD’s new crime prevention community engagement initiative.

The new program comes on the heels of the mayor’s campaign emailing CPS teachers to encourage their students to volunteer for her reelection campaign.

While the mayor says she was unaware of the effort, there are suspicions surrounding the new police program.

The new Crime prevention Community Engagement Initiative took off Thursday but on Friday, command staff and patrol officers met the department’s 10th district before canvassing portions of North Lawndale and other parts of the West Side.

The goal behind this task is to meet one on one with people living int he community and having them share crime prevention strategies and taking requests for city services.

The mayor says she took no part in the action and points to Supt. David Brown and his leadership team for creating the program.

“I think it’s a good thing that the white shirts are out there leading by example and talking to community members about what resources are available for them, particularly focused on crime,” Lightfoot said.

CPD only commented that the program is important to strengthen communication with residents and making neighborhoods safer yet, the fraternal order of police president, John Catanzara says he feels they are being used.

“There’s talk around headquarters that she’s literally using command staff exempt rank members to do campaigning on her crime stats from 2022 that are literally so over the top wonderful,” Catanzara said.

The mayor along with eight candidates who are running for her position, will be making their pitches to voters during a mayoral forum at the Chicago Temple Saturday afternoon.

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