CPD: USPS truck stolen after attempted assault, high-speed CPD chase on West Side


CHICAGO — Police are searching for a suspect who stole a USPS truck after attempting to assault the mail carrier on the city’s West Side Saturday afternoon.

According to police, a 28-year-old mail carrier was entering a mail truck at the 2801 block of South Pulaski Road around 9:50 a.m. when she encountered an individual inside. The person attempted to assault her but she was able to escape without incident, police say.

The individual then stole the truck and fled the scene southbound on Pulaski Road.

Police engaged in a high-speed chase through the Southwest Side until the truck was spotted abandoned in an alley at the 4525 block of Marquette Road.

The mail carrier was transported to Saint Anthony Hospital for observation. No injuries were reported.

According to police, the driver may have been intoxicated.

There was no further information provided at the time. This story is still developing.

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