CPD hold ‘Gun-In’ events to get guns off streets


CHICAGO — The Chicago Police Department held two “Gun-In” events, one on the City’s West Side and another on the South Side, this past weekend to help reduce the growing number of gun-related crimes.

The purpose of the “Gun-In” is to decrease the number of guns on the streets — organizers said this could reduce the number of crimes involving firearms.

According to police reports, there were 11 shootings with four dead in overnight violence from Friday night.

CPD’s 11th district Commander Davina Ward confirmed that the two neighborhoods’ have high shooting and homicide rates, stressing the importance of turning guns in—for everyone’s safety.

“We have a whole team here that clears the weapon to make sure that no one gets hurt,” Ward said. “Whether it’s a shotgun, people are turning in.”

Once collected, the team locates the serial number and logs a description of the firearm. In turn, people receive $100 gift cards per gun and $10 gift cards for replicas.

Officials also said that information retrieved from the guns could help resolve crime cases. This measure is not guaranteed though due to the lack of identification when guns are turned in.  

“We just know that gun is off the streets,” Ward said.

Within 45 minutes of starting, 32 guns were turned in at the West Garfield Park location on the West Side. Officials said about 250 firearms were turned in within a two-hour span.

The guns that are turned in are later burned or destroyed.

“So, we ask, turn in those guns. Keep your family safe. Keep the community safe so we can live better,” Ward said.

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