COPA releases video of shooting involving mayor’s security detail


CHICAGO — New video was released Thursday evening after officers in Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s security fired shots during a November robbery in Logan Square.

Luis Antonio Zayas was sitting in his car on North Monticello, waiting to take his grandson to school on Nov. 1 when he was targeted by three robbers.

Video from the Civilian Office of Police Accountability shows the encounter and the response from two members of Lightfoot’s security detail who were just across the street at their command center.

The robbers pull up to the victim’s car and open his doors. He told WGN News in November that’s when they held a gun to his head.

The video shows the robbers then pull him out of the car and begin digging through his pants. He said his wallet was in his pockets.

They snatched it and the $220 inside as they roughed him up.

Members of Lightfoot’s security detail were inside their North Monticello facility and heard the cries for help. The cameras captured the first officer come out with a gun in hand.

That’s when COPA said one of those robbers fired a shot at that officer and she’s seen on camera returning fire.

As the SUV speeds away, COPA said a gunman shot again toward officers and both officers fired back.

The exchange of gunfire shattered a window on that SUV.

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