Complete Guide: The Best Beach Towns Near Rome | 2023


With clear water, fishing villages, hilltop forts, and some of the best seafood you will ever taste, these beach towns and coastal getaways near Rome are a must-visit during your Italian vacation.

When the streets of the busy city get too crowded and hot for you, you can hop on a train and reach several of the best beach towns near Rome within a couple of hours to relax and unwind. 

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Swap the city streets for a coffee with a sea view, as you see that each beach town is unique in itself, from architecture to national parks and stunning views.

So, whether you’re planning a vacation to the coastal region of Rome, or looking to escape the city for a day, here are the most dreamy beach towns near Rome.

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Beaches near Rome, Italy


The coastal town of Sperlonga is located about halfway between Rome and Naples. It isn’t the closest beach town to Rome, but it is so stunning it is definitely worth the extra bit of travel.

You can get there in around 2 hours if you rent a car and drive, so although it may not be the best option for a day trip, it is perfect to visit overnight.

This is a great town to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and feel like you are in a different world for a couple of days.

Ponente beach in the town has lots of Stabilimenti, which are beach clubs where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas for the day for the ultimate relaxation at the beach.

The beach has soft sand and clear water and really feels like a little slice of heaven on the coast near Rome.

This beach is also a great option for a beach day with kids as it is clean and safe and the water doesn’t have a very strong current.

In the quaint town of Sperlonga itself, you will find winding alleys perched on top of a rocky cliff, with a path leading the whole way down to the beach.

The gorgeous old town consists of whitewashed buildings and charming alleyways and you will get some stunning views of the sea from the town itself.

Be sure to stop in the old town for lunch, you will find authentic Italian food, and restaurants are not in short supply in Sperlonga.

Sperlonga, Rome, Italy


The coastal town of Anzio is a suburb of Rome itself. It was massively damaged during WWII, but has been impressively rebuilt and is now a popular holiday destination. As you are in a suburb of Rome, the train ticket is a very reasonable price.

This seaside town is another great option for a visit from Rome and lots of Romans have a second home here for the summer months because it is so easy to access.

Anzio is just an hour south of Rome by train so it is straightforward to visit for a day trip and as a spot to cool down in the sea from the city heat.

The Italian beach town is known for fishing and has a seaside harbor setting, so it is a perfect place to enjoy some local seafood for lunch.

In the center of Anzio, there is a beach running the entire length of the town.

You cannot access this beach without paying through one of the many beach clubs along the strand, but the beach is so well-maintained it is definitely worth paying a few euros for a pleasant beach experience.

Prices are less than 10 euros to rent a chair and an umbrella for the day, which is quite reasonable.

Anzio, Rome, Italy



📍Santa Marinella

The town of Santa Marinella is less than an hour by train from Rome, so this is also a great option for an afternoon out of the city.

It is extremely easy to reach, as the train from Rome city center brings you within a 5-minute walk of the beach.

Once you hop off the train, follow the many beachgoers on the short walk to the strand. This beach is right off the center of town and is quite small, therefore it is often crowded during the summer months.

The majority of the beach is to be paid for, however, you will find free sections at either end of the beach. Just be aware that the free areas of the beach are not taken care of as well as the rest so there may be some seaweed or even trash at times.

Also, a short walk from the train is the port of the town of Santa Marinella. From the port, you can see an old medieval castle which has now been completely renovated and turned into a hotel, Castello Odescalchi.

This is an active port for fishermen, so if the beach isn’t your thing, it’s a great place to grab a coffee and sit and watch the fishermen at work.

Sunset at Santa Marinella, Rome, Italy


The coastal town of Ostia is a suburb of Rome and can be reached by train for just USD 2 (approx.). If you arrive by train, it’s just a pleasant 10-minute walk to the beach.

If you wish you join a tour, there are also groups that go from Rome to Ostia by train.

This is the easiest and most convenient beach town to get to from Rome and is home to around 80,000 people.

In Ostia, you have a huge variety of food and drink and you will find everything you want and need for much better value than in the center of Rome. So it’s great if you want to spend a day on a budget!

There are multiple ‘free beaches’ in Ostia, but it is most enjoyable to head to a beach club and rent a bed and umbrella for the day. Bahia beach is a gorgeous spot to set yourself up for the day.

If you don’t feel like sunbathing, Ostia is steeped in history and you can wander around the archaeological park in the town.

Is also an option for shopping outside of the busy city of Rome. At the weekends in particular, you will find several markets selling a bit of everything.

Ostia, Rome, Italy


The coastal town of Fregene is a very unique option for a day trip outside of Rome. It feels like you are completely removed from city life as it is surrounded by an impressive pinewood forest.

Fregene is a small coastal town, only 30 KM from Rome’s city center, and can be reached by public transport. It is the most convenient beach if you are staying in the North of Rome.

Here you will find a town with a massive beach so there are plenty of options for hiring beds or making use of the free beach. In fact, there is just under 5 KM of beaches along the coast of Fregene.

This is an area that is very popular with Italian tourists and here you will find bars and restaurants and young locals hanging out late into the evening.

There is an area on the Kiosko beach called fisherman’s village, where you can find some incredible seafood for a perfect beach day lunch.

If you are looking for a beach club, Signita is highly recommended for a drink around 6 pm. Here you will find lots of cushions and blankets laid out on the sand for you to relax on.

Fregene, Rome, Italy


The town of Terracina is based 56 KM away from Rome. Because of this distance, it is more so recommended for a weekend or a night away, rather than a day trip. It is also not too far from Sperlonga, you could visit both on the same weekend.

Terracina can get quite crowded in July and August, as it is popular with people taking a weekend break from Rome.

It is also a gorgeous place for some sightseeing. This town has cobblestone streets and some awe-inspiring Roman architecture to admire in the old city.

The must-see places in the old city include the San Cesareo Cathedral, the Piazza del Municipio, and the remains of an old Roman Forum.

To soak in the atmosphere and the architecture, you can enjoy a stroll around the town along the canals.

Another great spot to visit in Terracina is what remains of the temple of Jupiter Anxur.

This temple is a great spot for sunset and you will be treated to a stunning view. It’s also great just for views of the sea and even Mount Vesuvius on a clear day.

When it comes to food, local buffalo mozzarella is a must-try while here. This has been made in the town for hundreds of years and is unlike any other mozzarella you will taste.

Terracina, Rome, Italy


Sabaudia is your next choice for a beach town close to Rome. It is a very unique town and it is known for only taking 265 days to build under the instruction of Mussolini.

It is an hour by car, so we recommend renting a car, but it’s longer and a little bit more complicated by public transport.

The beach town of Sabaudia is a great option for a day out as it really has something for everyone.

There is the beach for the sun worshippers, the incredible lake, Lago di Paola, for some walking and relaxing and there is an impressive national park for hiking. It is also famous for its white sand dunes.

If you are heading to the beach for the day, Saporetti is one of the most highly rated beach clubs in the area and is a great place to rent some beds and an umbrella and it’s right next to Monte Cicero.

This way, you can have a chilled day at the beach, with a breathtaking view of monte cicero in the background.

It’s a quieter beach compared to others in terms of having fewer beach clubs and less music in the evenings, so it’s perfect for a quiet trip to the seaside. 

Just a short walk from the beach, you will see the stunning Lago di Paola. Here you can enjoy some dinner at the highly-rated Ponte Rosso.

This restaurant is located right on the lake and is not to be missed. It is the perfect setting and atmosphere. You will enjoy dinner sitting in a decked area with amazing views of the lake at sunset.

As mentioned, from Sabaudia you have easy access to Parco Nazionale del Circeo. This is a coastal national park where you can hike and get some incredible views of Sabaudia and the sea.

Sabaudia, Rome, Italy

Final Thoughts On The Roman Coastline

With so many beautiful coastal towns near Rome, narrowing them down is difficult. However, as you can see, Rome’s coastal towns differ significantly in ambiance.

So whether you prefer lively or tranquil, architecture or nature, or mountains or castles, you’ll find your ideal beach destination along the Roman coast.

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