Complete Guide: The Best Beach Towns In Yorkshire | 2022


Yorkshire’s stunning coastline is one of England’s top highlights, drawing in tourists and travelers from all over the world. There are many incredible cliff walks, beaches, and holiday destinations to choose from in this region.

However, when it comes to the best beach towns in Yorkshire, it’s not only the long stretches of beach and crystal clear waters that make these destinations so attractive.

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Yorkshire’s coastal towns ooze history, culture, and excellent cuisine.

What’s more, each beach town is unique in itself, from architecture to museums and nature trails.

These towns are also the perfect place to visit with a pet as there are safe paths and many cafés and restaurants are dog friendly.

So, whether you’re planning a vacation on the English coast or looking to work remotely this summer, here are the most charming beach towns in Yorkshire.

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Yorkshire coast, England

📍 Scarborough

Scarborough is the perfect family holiday destination for anyone traveling to Yorkshire. It has long been a popular vacation spot, which means it has more amenities than most other beach towns in this region.

This seaside haven has been the main holiday resort in England for centuries. This was even the chosen holiday spot for the famous sibling authors, the Bronte sisters.

For this reason, it has always drawn a huge crowd of people interested in literature and the arts and those looking for a creative escape.

This idyllic town on the English coast is filled with history and culture as it is home to England’s first purpose-built museum.

Scarborough also has its own castle which makes it the perfect spot for exploring and has made it a place loved by photographers of all levels.

The accommodation options in Scarborough are amazing with farmhouses and cozy b&bs dotted all around the town.

Scarborough Bay, Yorkshire, England

📍 Whitby

Whitby coastal town is an ancient seaport and a great holiday destination for anyone seeking a mix of relaxing and exploring. The popularity of this seaside town has increased massively over the last few years. 

Whitby is mainly known for its Gothic culture. For years, literature lovers have visited Whitby because the impressive Whitby Abbey was Bram Stoker’s inspiration for Dracula.

The town has leaned into this association and you can even explore the Dracula experience during your time here.

Whitby has embraced the goth culture and is home to the Whitby goth weekend. An alternative music festival that is held there every year around Halloween.

This area is a perfect place for walking and exploring as it is surrounded by moors and cliff walks. You can even take a boat trip for some whale watching off the coast of Whitby if that’s your thing.

Whitby is known for having some of the best fish and chips the Yorkshire coast has to offer!

Whitby Abbey, Yorkshire coast, England

📍 Runswick Bay

Runswick Bay is a picturesque village in the Yorkshire region. This village is like a scene from a postcard with houses dotted along the cliff and one of the country’s best beaches.

Coastal walks are the main attraction here with long stretches of paths around the coastline boasting stunning views of the sea and the cliffs, even on a rainy day.

It is a popular spot for water sports with people traveling from all over the country to kayak, canoe, and paddle board here.

Here you will find several quaint traditional cottages to stay in during your time in Runswick Bay.

It is just a short drive away to Whitby if you are craving some more life and food options. 

Runswick Bay, Yorkshire coast, England

📍 Saltburn

Saltburn is home to the Saltburn tramway, which is the oldest Victorian tramway in the country. Using this tram, you can get from the town to the beach in a matter of minutes, all while enjoying stunning views.

Saltburn has an impressive pier that is perfect for a stroll overlooking the water. This walk is made extra special by the fact that this pier is the last remaining of its kind in the Yorkshire area.

This little town has the perfect beach for children as it is extremely clean and well-kept. It’s always a safe place to swim as it has blue flag status.

Part of the beach is dog free during the summer months, so this adds to it being exceptionally clean.

Another reason why Saltburn is popular with families is the arcade close to the beach that provides hours of entertainment for children if it’s a rainy day!

Saltburn beach, Yorkshire coast, England

📍 Filey

Filey coastal town boasts a beach of 5 miles. This makes Filey really appealing as it never feels too crowded. Even on a sunny Summers day, there is plenty of space for everyone on this vast sandy shore.

Filey Brigg is a nearby coastal walk that is about 2km roundtrip. On this walk, you can view the Filey Bay area which is popular for fishing and fossil hunting.

During your trip to Filey, you can visit the stunning Flamborough head lighthouse which has been kept in extremely good condition over the years.

Filey beach has been ranked the top beach in the United Kingdom by the Sunday Times which has definitely made it more popular, but it is still a tranquil escape within the Yorkshire area.

Filey beach, Yorkshire coast, England

📍 Robin Hood’s Bay

Robin Hood’s Bay is an old fishing village that looks like it’s straight out of a movie with its cobblestone and winding streets. It is a village to visit for a completely different seaside holiday and it is absolutely bursting with character.

You will feel like you have stepped back in time when you arrive in Robin Hood’s Bay and you will be treated to rich history and folklore associated with the village.

This town has so much history and folklore surrounding it and you can learn all about that while joining one of their ghosts walks through the town. This combines a walking tour to see all the main sites, with some creepy tales about the village.

Great news for pet owners, the beach here is dog friendly all year round.

If you’re visiting Robin Hood’s bay, be aware that some of the streets are uneven and have a lot of steps here so take care when walking around.

Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire coast, England

📍 Sandsend

Sandsend is a small beach village near Whitby in the Yorkshire region. This is a tranquil seaside village and has views of the nearby Whitby pier.

Sandsend is another beach that is popular for fossil hunting. When the tide goes out, there are numerous rock pools exposed with hidden treasures to be found.

Sandsend is known for having some upmarket accommodations and restaurants and has some excellent dining options for such a small place.

It’s got some lovely beach cafés for picking up a takeaway drink for your walk or warming up with tea after being out in the elements.

Sandsend beach, Yorkshire coast, England

📍 Bridlington

Bridlington beach town offers a proper British day out to the seaside with funfairs and donkey rides on offer during the Summer months. This really is the ideal place for a family holiday.

This town really has the best of both worlds as it has a well-preserved Old Town which is also definitely worth a visit.

Bridlington is also known as the lobster capital of Europe, so for that reason alone, we think it’s worth a visit!

If you’re after a relaxing escape into nature, then Bridlington isn’t for you. But, if you want a more lively and exciting trip, this should be top of your list.

Bridlington, Yorkshire coast, England

Final Thoughts On The Yorkshire Coastline

With so many beautiful coastal towns and villages in Yorkshire, narrowing them down is difficult. However, as you can see, Yorkshire’s coastal cities differ significantly in ambiance.

So whether you prefer lively or tranquil, architecture or nature, or mountains or castles, you’ll find your ideal beach destination along the Yorkshire coast.

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