Community calls for action in girl’s sex abuse case


CHICAGO — Community leaders held a press conference Wednesday in tandem with the family of an 11-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted in Washington Park nearly three weeks ago.

“This young girl should not be in trauma at this tender age,” said Congressman Bobby Rush. “What kind of future is before her?”

According to the National Crime Information Center, 250,000 women and teen girls are reported missing every year in the US, with more than 30% being Black. Community leaders at the press conference said this case is an opportunity to begin pushing back on that trend.

“To be honest, I was on the police for 30 years and I don’t think there’s any surprise to anybody that some people seem to be valued more,” said former CPD detective Gerald Hamilton. “Some crimes seem to be valued more.”

“We need all hands on deck. It’s this family today and it’s been mine for years,” said activist Ira Acree. “But until we end this, no community is safe.”

Community members said 2,000 flyers have been distributed with suspect information on the man who abused the 11-year-old girl and family members said tips have been coming into police about the attack, but still, no one has been taken into custody.

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