Chicago’s cloudiest months on record & 2022’s Climatology




Daytimes were very cloudy this past month – Frank Wachowski recording only 30% of possible sunshine, including 17 days of complete overcast/zero percent sunshine and a 9-day string of zero sunshine December 9 – 17. This seemed like a lot of cloudiness and it is, but December is tied with January as months averaging least sunshine (40% of possible). Records dating back to 1893 actually show 30 separate Decembers with 30% or less of possible sunshine. The least Sunniest month on records was November 1985 with only 16% of possible sunshine, followed by 19% of possible sun in December 1975.

A look in the rear-view mirror at 2022 Chicago climatological data (at O’Hare observation site)

Annual average temperature was 51.3-degrees – only 0.1° below normal.
The liquid (includes melted snow)precipitation was 31.99 inches—significantly below normal (-5.87 inches)
Snowfall is normally looked at as a “seasonal total” (October through April) and so far this 2022-23 season the 4.3 inches is 5.6-inches below normal. The total calendar snowfall in 2022 (January – December) of 35.2 inches was 3.2 inches below normal.

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