Chicago World Cup fans show US support on NW Side


CHICAGO — The support for the World Cup spilled over at this watch party at the Chicago Fire Pitch Complex on the city’s Northwest Side.

Many fans wished to see the USA team beat the Netherlands this close to Christmas.

Not too far away was an outdoor tribute to the World Cup in Lincoln Square where flags from every team are on display thanks to Scott Fecho.

“It’s been a fun reaction from the neighborhood in regard to seeing all the flags up and getting notifications on what’s going on with the world cup,” Fecho said.

 In regard to Saturday’s match, the stars and stripes came down as Fecho narrowed the display, dictated by the winners and losers of each round.

Fans left disappointed and hopeful. Seeing promise in the team and its prospects as the World Cup comes to the US in 2026.

“I think give them another 4 years here in the states, when we host the world cup and you’ll see a whole new team,” said Asley Attianese from FC Pineapple soccer club.

It was a good goal to support as World Cup interest grows in the U.S.

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