Chicago ranked one of the geekiest cities in U.S.


CHICAGO – Let’s face it, the word ‘geek’ doesn’t really mean what it used to a few years ago.

It originally referred to an unfashionable, socially awkward person; or someone who loved computers.

Today, geek refers to a person who is a passionate expert on a particular issue or subject.

Rarely is it used as an insult or put down anymore, instead being a ‘geek’ is actually cool and almost an honor nowadays.

In fact, there’s even a dedicated holiday to geekiness – July 13th is National Embrace Your Geekiness Day when all geeks across the world are encouraged to be proud of their peculiarities, and not shy away from showing off their knowledge.

Now if you are a self-proclaimed geek, you’re in one of the best cities to let your geek flag fly.

Chicago is ranked in the top ten of Lawn Love’s 2022’s Geekiest Cities list.

Researchers compared nearly 200 of the largest cities in the country to get their rankings.

They looked at metrics such as the number of costume meetup groups, plus stores that sell video games, trading cards and comics.

Other factors that weighed in were if the city hosted Comic-Con events or Renaissance festivals.

Chicago is ranked seventh but it’s not the only Illinois city flying geek flags. West suburban Naperville came in 119th on the list, with neighboring Aurora ranked 155th, Rockford 172nd, and Joliet is 185th.

Here’s a look at how Chicago did in some key categories:

  • Number of Geek Meetup Groups – 2nd
  • Number of Comic Book Stores – 4th
  • Number of Cosplay/Costume Stores – 4th
  • Number of Renaissance Fairs – 23rd

So, what is the geekiest city in America? New York City is tops, followed by Los Angeles in second, Las Vegas in third, Atlanta in fourth and San Antonio, Texas in fifth.

Here are the top 20 Geekiest Cities:

  • 1. New York City
  • 2. Los Angeles
  • 3. Las Vegas
  • 4. Atlanta
  • 5. San Antonio
  • 6. Houston, TX
  • 7. Chicago
  • 8. Orlando
  • 9. Austin, TX
  • 10. Portland, OR
  • 11. San Francisco
  • 12. Indianapolis
  • 13. Columbus, OH
  • 14. Denver
  • 15. Seattle
  • 16. San Diego
  • 17. Albuquerque
  • 18. Minneapolis
  • 19. Sacramento
  • 20. Tampa

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