Chicago makes ‘2022’s Most Fun City in America” list


CHICAGO. Ill – No matter what your definition of fun is, the Windy City is the place to be.

From dance clubs to bars, outdoor activities to museums, it’s easy to find fun in Chicago.

That’s probably why WalletHub has ranked it so high on their “2022’s Most Fun City in America” list.

Chicago ranks tenth in their list, which defines a “fun city” as one that “packs a little bit of everything for everyone — except maybe people seeking the most extreme of thrills” and has “enough variety, you won’t have to compromise with your friends.”

WalletHub researchers compared more than 180 U.S. cities on 65 key metrics to find those offering the highest number and variety of fun options that are also cheap. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average American spends more than $3,500 on entertainment each year.

Here’s a look at how Chicago ranked in some categories: 

Fun in Chicago

  • 1st – Restaurants per Capita
  • 1st – Playgrounds per Capita
  • 1st – Number of Attractions
  • 13th – Dance Clubs per Capita
  • 15th – Festivals per Capita
  • 53rd – Parkland Acres per Capita
  • 83rd – Avg. Beer Price

The “Most Fun City in America” title goes to Las Vegas, followed by Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, and New Orleans.

Here is the Top 10:

Top 10 Most Fun Cities in America

  • 1. Las Vegas, NV
  • 2. Orlando, FL
  • 3. Miami, FL
  • 4. Atlanta, GA
  • 5. New Orleans, LA
  • 6. San Francisco, CA
  • 7. Austin, TX
  • 8. Honolulu, HI
  • 9. New York, NY
  • 10. Chicago, IL

The only other Illinois city to make the list is Aurora which is ranked 169th.

If you travel to one of these fun cities and you’re on a budget, WalletHub experts recommend you take public transportation or an uber/taxi if you can, rather than rent a car.  

They also suggest looking for free attractions when you arrive and being flexible on your travel dates when booking your hotel and/or flights.

Prices change considerably depending on the time of year you leave, and the time of day. 

You can click on states in the interactive map below to see the ranking of other cities.

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