‘Chasing every leaf’: Meet ‘Skilling’ the golden retriever


CHICAGO — One Chicago man decided to name his new golden retriever after the one and the only Tom Skilling.

“Skilling” was adopted from the rescue organization As Good As Gold three and a half weeks ago by Mike Morgan, 43, of South Loop.

“Bottled chaos, he is super energic,” Morgan said. “He is great with kids, he is in the car, he is in the boat — it’s going great.”

The 10-week-old puppy seems to love the weather just like his namesake.

“The rain reactions are funny, his favorite thing seems to be chasing every leaf,” Morgan said.

Morgan is a self-described “weather nerd” who has been a fan of Tom for a long time.

“He is just one of those wholesome people who isn’t trying to be wholesome and makes you smile,” Morgan said.

Tom is a big fan of “Skilling.”

“How often is it one has a dog named after him?” Skilling said. “And an adorable dog at that!”

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