Chaos Caused By Europe’s Dangerous Heatwave | 2022


Wildfires have been spreading across France, Spain, and Portugal as scorching temperatures spread across the western part of Europe.

The heat is coming up from North Africa to parts of Europe where the temperatures are hitting well over 40 degrees Celsius, and it shows no signs of cooling off anytime soon.

If you’re traveling to Europe in the upcoming weeks, you’ll want to ditch the sweaters and instead, bring a personal fan.

European Heatwave

In Portugal, hundreds of wildfires have spread across the country, with over 250 new fire reports in just two days. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to the heat, and 650 people have died in recent days as a result of the change in the climate. Many of those were pensioners, for whom the 46 created complications.

In Spain, the story is much the same. Fewer wildfires are sweeping the country. However, they have destroyed 14,000 hectares of land so far. Over 2,000 people evacuated the Sierra de Mijas mountain range near the Costa Del Sol. The reservoirs are drying up in extreme heat, and approximately 350 people have died due to the conditions.

There have been significant evacuations in France, with over 14,000 people displaced. Three forest fires have spread across the Gironde region and have burnt over 11,000 hectares of land so far. 

Water is at worryingly low levels in Italy, which hasn’t seen decent rainfall in months. The Po River, which is used to provide drinking water, irrigation, and hydroelectric power is at a record low this summer. The government has issued restrictions on water consumption, including a hosepipe ban.

The heatwave has weaved its way towards the UK, which is seeing the hottest days in its history, at 40 degrees Celsius. Red weather warnings have been issued for a large portion of the country, and the government is considering closing schools and issuing restrictions on public transport.

Luckily, the record-breaking temperatures in England are set to last just two days. However, healthy people and the weak and vulnerable are considered at risk of death in blazing conditions.

The heatwave is happening because of climate change that is slowly causing an increase in the temperature of the entire planet. Climate change must be tackled to prevent conditions like these from becoming the norm.

Before traveling, check that your region is unaffected by the fires and evacuations happening throughout the countries.

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