Calls to action for better safety measures to protect Chicago street vendors


CHICAGO — A Chicago alderman is raising concerns over what he calls a “worrying situation” facing street vendors in his district.

A rally and press conference wrapped Friday morning with Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez and other groups advocating for workers, announcing an official call to action for better safety measures to protect street vendors.

During the rally, street vendors who said they’ve been victims of recent attacks spoke out. The 25th Ward Alderman said he’s calling on leaders to help better protect the community, specifically its street vendors.

Sigcho-Lopez said incidents like an assault that he claims happened in recent days, have raised an alarm he hopes is loud enough for city leaders to hear.

As part of their efforts, the alderman and representatives of the Street Vendors Association walked to different vendors along 26th Street. The hope was to hear any comments or concerns they may have.

The alderman said as part of the next steps, he plans to deliver a letter to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s officer and CPD Supt. David Brown.

Sigcho-Lopez said they want to see more coordination with anti-violence groups, who have received funding for prevention efforts.

The alderman, who previously been critical of CPD, calling for cuts in funding, said he hopes to see more police presence in the community.

WGN has reached out to the Chicago Police Department and mayor’s office for comment.

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