Buying Guide: Best Camera Straps For Hiking | 2022


Looking for the best camera straps for hiking? A good camera strap for hiking will hold your camera within easy reach for the perfect shot.

It should also prevent it from swinging around too much as you walk, keeping you comfortable and protecting your camera from damage.

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Choosing the best camera strap for hiking long distances isn’t always easy, as there are so many models to choose from. This guide is designed to help!

Here we’ve listed the top 7 camera straps for hiking and the features that make them stand out from the rest. We have also described the things you need to take into consideration when choosing the right strap for your next trip.

camera strap for hiking

What To Look For When Buying A Hiking Camera Strap

Here are the main features to look for when choosing a good camera strap for hiking.


The main reason for looking for a camera strap specifically for hiking is that you need something a bit more comfortable than a regular neck strap. A camera strap designed for hiking should be adjustable so that it fits you securely whilst evenly distributing the weight of your camera. 

If there are shoulder pads, then these should be comfortably cushioned to reduce pressure. We also recommend looking out for textured surfaces, as these keep pads in place and stop them from sliding about.

Strap Style

Camera straps for hiking tend to hold the camera in different ways. The type you choose really depends on the type of hiking you are doing. 

If the terrain is mostly flat, then a shoulder strap would be fine – preferably in a style that can be worn across the body. If you are likely to be climbing, however, then a harness might be better, or even a clip.

These are designed to hold the camera in a steady position close to your body. This is more comfortable when climbing and also reduces the risk of your camera hitting rocks and trees.

Camera Attachment

When choosing a camera strap for backpacking, make sure its attachments are compatible with your camera. If you might want to use a tripod, look for a strap that won’t require you to first fully detach your camera.

In addition to making sure the attachment is secure, look for a strap that allows you to release and lock your camera quickly. This will ensure you can always get a good nature shot at a moment’s notice.

Top 7 Camera Straps For Hiking

Here are our favorite straps and the features that make them so useful when you’re out on the trail.

HiiGuy Camera Strap

Whether you are carrying a small digital camera or a professional model, HiiGuy hiking camera strap is ideal! 

Its rugged stainless steel screw mount gives it the strength to support even a heavy-duty professional camera with a zoom lens and there is plenty of rubber padding to cushion it from accidental blows.

At 32 inches long, this is a great strap for taller people but it is also fully adjustable, so the length can be reduced as much as needed.

It features a sling design, with a really comfortable shoulder pad. Cushioned enough to ease pressure on your muscles, it is so lightweight that you will barely notice it! 

It is also textured, so it stays comfortably in place without moving around.

The padding conceals a handy zippered pocket – perfect for storing spare batteries and memory cards – and this model comes with several useful accessories.

These include a microfiber lens cleaning cloth, an optional safety tether for extra protection, a tough memory card case, and an e-book packed with photography tips.

Nicama Dual Shoulder Camera Strap

Some hikes can be very physically demanding, and certain straps can feel very uncomfortable after an extended period. This vest-style harness is the answer, distributing the weight of your equipment across your body and reducing fatigue.

Allowing you to carry up to 2 cameras and switch between them with ease, the harness is made from strong and durable nylon material with a breathable mesh design.

It is compatible with all SLR and mirrorless cameras with standard 1/4 inch screw holes and provides a strong, secure connection featuring a multi-ring shackle and fixing plate. A safety tether is included for additional security.

The quick-release buckle makes it easy to take pictures at a moment’s notice – just what you need for those unexpected wildlife shots when you’re out on the trail.

A mesh bag and 2 screw adapters are included.

Altura Photo Camera Strap

Altura Photo is a great camera strap for hiking, offering some excellent features that make it a joy to use. 

With a cross-body design suitable for DSLR, mirrorless, or compact system cameras, it has an ergonomically designed shoulder pad that you can wear on either side.

Keeping your camera close to your hip for easy access, it is padded for comfort and has a textured surface that stops it from slipping around.

You can attach your camera to the strap with confidence as it features a fastening plate made from durable, reinforced solid metal – not plastic.  A layer of rubber at the bottom protects your camera from slipping or scratches.

For extra protection, you can choose to also use the safety tether provided.

A great bonus with this strap is that the plate and camera can be attached to a tripod without needing to remove the camera from the plate. Meanwhile, the quick-release design makes attaching and removing your camera a breeze.

A zippered pocket in the shoulder strap gives you a convenient place to store your essentials, including your lens cleaning cloths, spare batteries, and more.

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

An alternative to a standard camera strap for hiking is this convenient mount that you can attach to your backpack or any strap up to 2.5 inches wide and 0.6 inches thick.

Rated to hold over 200lbs in weight, this simple clip can easily and rigidly carry cameras, lenses, and more. Thin, narrow, and exceptionally lightweight, it provides one of the easiest ways ever to carry your gear on long hikes. 

The bolts are recessed and all corners are rounded – so it is very comfortable to use – and it is made from anodized aluminum for strength. The locking pin is made from stainless steel whilst the quick-release button makes it easy to grab your camera for the perfect shot in an instant.

Available in matt black and silver, this durable clip is the perfect solution if you find shoulder or neck straps uncomfortable and want to prevent your camera from moving around during your hike.

Camera Harness Strap

If you are tired of dealing with single straps that cut into your neck or shoulders, consider this comfortable harness designed for carrying one camera.

A low-cost option, the harness is easy to adjust and can fit all different types of body shapes.

It has a simple buckle closure and holds the camera in front of you. The cross-shoulder design distributes the weight evenly, preventing strain on your neck, whilst the quick-release buckle enables you to easily move the camera into position whenever you need to.

Lightweight and flexible, this harness is made from durable nylon with thick, strong stitching.

Waka Camera Neck Strap

This Waka model is an incredibly comfortable camera strap for long hikes, made with a durable neoprene shoulder pad. Soft, breathable, and with a non-slip surface, it also includes a zippered pocket for your photography essentials.

Fastening your camera onto the strap is easy thanks to the metal plate coated with anti-slip rubber padding.

The strap adjusts from the front and a safety tether with a slider clip is included. This is great for locking the camera into place and stopping it from swaying as you walk along.

When it’s time to take a shot, just lift the camera and the strap will instantly slide to the required length.

Ideal for both men and women, the length of this strap can be adjusted from 20.8 inches to 31.5 inches. It is compatible with any DSLR Camera with a standard 1/4 inch tripod stud screw and is available in either plain black or a colorful design.

BlackRapid Sport X Coyote Original

This well-designed camera strap for hiking effectively cuts down on fatigue during the day. Made for right-handed users, the BlackRapid Sport X Coyote drapes from the left shoulder to the right hip and has a large, moisture-wicking shoulder pad to keep you cool and comfortable. 

The underarm stabilizing strap is extremely useful, as it keeps the camera steady and stops it from twisting. But if you don’t need it, it is very easy to remove.

Meanwhile, the durable brass and zinc-alloy CR-3 ConnectR locking carabiner hold your camera firmly.

Adjustable from 36.0 to 65.7 inches, the strap is made from tough nylon webbing and is one inch wide. It features spring-loaded bumper locks that you can slide along its length, further stabilizing your camera and stopping it from moving.

Final Thoughts On Camera Straps For Hikers

I hope this guide has helped you find the best camera strap for hiking  – one that will keep you comfortable and your camera safe! Have fun using it on your next hiking adventure. 

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