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Blackout tents, also known as dark room tents, are perfect for improving the quality of your sleep on camping trips. If you are looking to find the best blackout tents you’re in the right place!

In a standard tent, you’re pretty much forced to get up as soon as the sun rises, as the glare from overhead makes it impossible to sleep! There can be other disturbances too –  a super-bright moon, for example, or the flashlights of neighboring campers.

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Not only does a blackout tent cocoon you from all these troublesome light sources, but it ensures your children will sleep later too.

Very young children will also have the benefit of somewhere nice and dark to take an additional nap in the afternoon. That’s something that’s hard to do in the bright interior of a standard tent. 

In this guide, we’ll take a look at just what to expect when you buy a blackout tent, along with the best models to choose for a great night’s sleep.

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What To Look For When Buying A Blackout Tent

There are a few features to look out for when choosing a tent that will work well for camping trips with your friends or family.

Darkness Level

Check the specifications to see just how much light the tent will actually block out. 

Fabric likely to block 100% of sunlight tends to be heavy so you are less likely to come across it. Indeed, most blackout tents tend to shield you from around 90% of light – still enough to help you sleep better, even after the sun has risen.

Appropriate Size And Weight

Sleeping in later is probably your main objective when looking for a blackout tent, but don’t forget to also carefully consider the size and weight of the model you choose. It’s always best to err on the side of caution and choose a tent that sleeps more people than are actually in your party.

This will give everyone a bit more space and make it even easier to sleep comfortably. When it comes to weight, you need to choose a tent that suits your camping style.

If you are backpacking then you will need something as lightweight as possible. You will obviously have a lot more flexibility if you are camping in a car or RV.

Good Ventilation

This is an important consideration with any tent. Good ventilation doesn’t just help keep the air in the tent cool and comfortable, but it prevents the build-up of condensation too.

Given the fact that blackout tents tend to be somewhat thicker and heavier, this becomes even more important. Make sure that the tent uses mesh panels or windows in as many places as possible to maximize airflow and keep the temperature in the tent at an ideal level.

Quick And Easy Setup

When you arrive at your campsite, you will want to have your tent set up as quickly as possible so that you can get straight to enjoying your day. 

Unless you will be camping in extreme conditions where a sturdy, traditional installation would be needed, choose an ‘instant’ or pop-up tent. These tend to be made with flexible, lightweight poles that are still designed to withstand a reasonable amount of wind, yet are super simple to put together!

Top 7 Blackout Tents

This is our list of some of the best blackout tents on the market and the reasons we recommend them.

Coleman Dome Tent

From one of the best-known and most reliable names in camping, this Coleman tent is available in 4 or 6-person sizes and blocks out 90% of sunlight. It also helps cut down on the heat in the tent, making for a more comfortable night’s sleep for everyone.

It offers great protection against the elements, with welded corners and inverted seams to stop water from seeping in. A rainfly is included and the frame is strong enough to withstand winds of 35+ mph.

Weighing just a pound, this lightweight tent takes less than 10 minutes to put up and comes with an E-port, so it’s easy to run in a cable for powering your devices.

EVER ADVANCED Blackout Instant Camping Tent

Sleeping up to 6 people, this darkroom tent with a blackout interior shields you from 90% of sunlight. 

This model can be easily set up by just one person in 60 seconds and offers great ventilation, with 3 large zippered mesh roll-up windows and a net window overhead.

Weighing 22.3 pounds, this is an ideal tent for car camping and folds to an easy-to-load compact size. 

It features some useful extras, including internal storage bags for your phone, keys, and other small items, plus a reserved wire channel so you can bring in external power. It also features a woven rope, ideal for hanging a fan, lantern, or even clothing.

The Blackout Tent From Coleman

This is the best blackout tent in our review for helping your sleep through the sunrise, as it shields you from 99% of daylight! It also helps moderate the interior temperature, keeping it up to 5°C cooler during the day than a standard tent.

Popular for outdoor festivals, the blackout tent from Coleman is very lightweight but also sturdy. It provides enough space for 3 people to sleep comfortably and can be quickly set up by just one person.

The lightweight fiberglass poles have the flexibility you need to cope well in windy conditions and the waterproof material, taped seams, and sewn-in groundsheet ensure you and your belongings will stay dry, even in a downpour!

There is a large storage area for muddy boots and PVC windows with covers, giving you both ventilation and privacy.

Coleman Cabin Tent With Instant Setup

Another great offering from Coleman, this tent is up and ready to use in just 60 seconds, meaning you can get straight to enjoying your day! We like the reflective guy lines with this model, which make it easy to see in the dark. 

With enough space for 10 people it is ideal for a family camping trip and blocks out 90% of daylight, so everyone can sleep that bit longer!

It has all the features you need to keep you and your gear dry in poor weather, including inverted seams, welded corners, and a rainfly. A room divider gives you extra privacy when needed in the spacious interior and the patented hinged door provides convenient access in and out.

Coleman Family-Tents Darkroom SkyDome

If you are looking for the best blackout tent for taller people, then this is the model for you! Sleeping up to 4 people, this model has almost vertical walls that offer 20% more headroom than traditional Coleman tents.

Designed to reduce interior heat and facilitate a good sleep, this tent uses dark room technology that blocks out 90% of sunlight. It comes with pre-attached poles so it takes less than 5 minutes to assemble and weighs just under 11 pounds.

You are well protected from damp conditions, with a tub-like floor, welded corners, and inverted seams keeping out the rain. We particularly like the wider door of this model, which makes it so much easier to bring your bulky gear in and out.

GEERTOP Darkroom Tent

Weighing just 9 pounds, this GEERTOP tent is made with a multi-coated black rubber fabric capable of blocking around 90% of sunlight. It is easy to set up and has just 3 lightweight frame poles to assemble, so you can have it standing in less than 10 minutes. 

Offering enough sleeping space for 4 people, this model features a water-resistant floor and removable rainfly. There are 2 windows along with mesh panels at the top providing plenty of ventilation and there is a convenient port through which to run an electrical cable to power your devices. 

A handy storage pocket gives you somewhere to stash smaller items like your keys and phone.

OutdoorMaster Tents With Dark Space Technology

This roomy 4-person tent blocks out 90% of the light so your mornings are darker and cooler than if you were in a standard tent. 

Made from heavy-duty fabric, this model is rugged enough to cope well in adverse weather and stays firmly put, even in windy conditions. Yet at only 8.18 pounds, it is still relatively lightweight.

There are multiple mesh panels and a large mesh door to promote good air circulation and keep you cool. The pre-attached poles make this tent exceptionally easy to put up and take down, whilst the eyelet at the top gives you somewhere to attach a lantern.

It also comes with two handy side pockets for storing smaller items, plus 2-way zippers that close smoothly and silently.

Final Thoughts On Blackout Tents For Camping

Finding the right blackout tent for you and your group can make a real difference to your camping experience. It improves the quality of your sleep and gives you some much-needed energy for the day ahead.

It’s also great to have a dark place to retreat to for an afternoon nap, especially if you are camping with kids.

I hope that this guide to the best blackout tents has been useful and you’ve found the perfect model for your next camping trip. Sweet dreams! 

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